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The O&C Committee is charged, through the Chapter Strategic Plan to further its mission by fulfilling the following activities:

1.       Building Relationships with Allied Professionals

a.       Reasons for action:

i.         Gain mutual understanding of professional goals and objectives;

ii.       Improve planning profession by gaining a deeper understanding of allied professionals;

iii.     Increase APA-CO membership and conference attendance;

iv.      Identify areas of interdisciplinary initiatives and activities for possible collaboration;

v.        Expand member benefits through partnerships with organizations, businesses, and other institutions; and,

vi.      Be aware of educational opportunities that may be eligible for CM in order to increase availability to our membership.

b.      Strategies for implementation:

i.         Develop definition of allied professions (suggested considerations: architects, landscape architects, engineers, developers, home builders, land preservationists, etc);

ii.       Promote a single point of contact from within APA-CO to allied professionals;

iii.     Market chapter only memberships to allied professionals;**                                                            

iv.      Clearly distinguish the qualifications and benefits of chapter only and full memberships; **

v.        Promote full membership and its benefits to professionals;**

vi.      Provide jointly-sponsored events and training;**

vii.    Encourage allied groups to attend our conference;**

viii.  Develop media packet for distribution to allied groups and professionals at seminars/conferences;**

ix.      Contact allied professional organizations to discuss/consider opportunities for collaboration;**

x.        Participate in the Colorado Tomorrow Alliance; **

xi.      Consider strategies used to increase communication between allied professionals to connect different sectors within planning (public vs private, local vs state, practicing vs education); and,

xii.    Seek opportunities to speak at other conferences.***

2.       Providing Planning Related Education and Information to the General Public

a.       Reasons for action:

i.         Instill understanding and appreciation of good planning initiatives and their connection to high quality of life;

ii.       Advocate an educated public which will in turn support and fund good planning policies;

iii.     Help generate interest in public becoming active in ensuring good planning principles are supported in their communities (ie, volunteer for a local board); and,

iv.      Recruit future planners and groom future engaged citizens.

b.      Strategies for implementation:

i.         Educate organizations and general public about planning and APA Colorado’s role, mission, goals;**

ii.       Create presentations to educate groups on APA Colorado’s role and mission;**

iii.     Seek speaking  engagements to students of all ages, services clubs, community groups, etc.;

iv.      Promote planning month;

v.        Have ambassadors at career fairs;

vi.      Encourage citizens’ planning academies;

vii.    Identify any overlap between the Media and Outreach Committees;

viii.  Raise public awareness of APA-CO planning awards through local press releases;

ix.      Seek media coverage of projects that support planning initiatives;

x.        Seek representation on state committees and panels;**

xi.      Develop a relationship with the Colorado Press Association;

xii.    Create a planning PSA that can be broadcast on local government channels; and

xiii.  Network with the legislative committee to avoid gaps in coverage.

3.       Coordinate Volunteer Efforts on Behalf of the Chapter

a.       Reasons for action:

i.               Provide volunteer opportunities to reinforce the connection between planning and community betterment;

ii.             Provide access to planning to communities that may otherwise not have the opportunity; and,

iii.           Provide philanthropic opportunities to membership for planning-related service opportunities.

b.      Strategies for implementation:

i.               Promote and coordinate volunteer efforts that provide access to planning;

ii.             Explore current offerings and coordinate with groups who may have similar mission/programs (ie, DOLA, DCI, etc.)

iii.           Maintain a listserv of members who are interested in volunteer work; and,

iv.            Research to see if allied organizations have a Standard Operating Procedure for pro-bono work as to not compete with private sector.

4.       Actively disseminate relevant information to the membership

a.       Reasons for action:

a.       Inform members of events, career development, and best practices;

b.      Ensure members are aware of CM opportunities; and,

c.       Opportunity for APA-CO to communicate the organizational values and mission.

b.      Strategies for implementation:

a.       Publish a quarterly newsletter with articles from members and allied professions;**

b.      Develop a new website which will meet the technological needs of the Chapter and its membership and serve as the best resource for Colorado planning related news;

c.       Evaluate feedback from the membership on their methods of receiving Chapter news and information;

d.      Ensure the chapter website and other social media is maintained regularly and technologies are updated as needed;

e.      Establish communication protocols and monitor membership needs to ensure needs are being met;

f.        Respond to inquiries from membership questions and comments using social media forums;

g.       Inform APA-CO of the organizations values and missions so that APA-CO members  represent good planning principals in their professions and boards/ committees they serve on; and,***

h.      Market APA-Co to our members to ensure they are knowledgeable about the resources available, our mission, and work on instilling pride in APA-CO.***

5.       Provide forums to connect members to each other

a.       Reasons for action:

a.       Provide opportunities for knowledge and best practices sharing;

b.      Increase collaboration among planning professionals

b.      Strategies for implementation:

a.       Update social media forums to keep the discussions active and relevant

b.      Establish a speaker’s bureau based on interest and areas of expertise***

c.       Re-establish the Planning Director’s Forum at the Conference and consider for other events/venues***

**From APA Colorado’s Strategic Plan

***From Feb 1, Board Meeting Discussion

This work plan may be updated as needed and will be revisited with each update to the Chapter Strategic Plan to ensure its consistency.


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