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APA has partnered with Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) to administer the upcoming 2019 elections. Ballots have been emailed to all members and include a link to each candidates full statement. Below are excerpts and links to the full candidate statements for the Colorado Chapter Board. The Chapter is also asking for you approval of a full rewrite of the Chapter Bylaws.

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My main goals for the chapter are to work as a leader in the APA CO Team to increase outreach to our peers in professions that we interact with, to increase the value gained from our conferences and outreach events, to communicate the importance of sound planning to our local and statewide elected officials, ensure our professional standards are upheld and respected, and to reach out to communities where planning can be of a real value. I look forward to working on a shared vision for the organization’s path forward and meeting those involved in the planning profession all across our state. Our diverse regions need to be pulled together to leverage resources. A goal of mine is to work to promote and connect planners in the urban, suburban, rural, mountain, and destination communities of our state. I would like to reach out to more partner groups and professionals and get their participation in our annual conferences so that attendees are expanding their knowledge and skillset. Collaboration is key among planners and this needs to extend to our partners. If given the opportunity to serve as President-Elect, I would strive to continue the work done by the outgoing president and board by expanding upon the current strategic plan areas. These areas are to lead, communicate and engage, partner, advocate, inspire, and serve. A leader has to believe in our profession and ensure that what we do is best for advancing the planning profession in Colorado. I believe that I am a leader that can move our organization forward.





The one thing I have had the privilege of doing over the course of my public sector career is to participate in my community’s well-being, which means having a hand in both the success and yes, the failure that sometimes comes with working on complex issues.  I knew when I completed my undergraduate degree that working in local government was where I could most effectively participate to facilitate positive, lasting community driven outcomes. 

The same holds true for APA Colorado.  I had the privilege of being on the APA Colorado Board for two terms as secretary/treasurer.  Serving on the board gave me the opportunity to meet planners from around the state, see firsthand the great work of the Colorado Planning community, and have a role in how we as a professional community made positive change a reality.  As president elect, I look forward to serving planners around the state once again and plan to focus on issues affecting the entire state while supporting our professional colleagues with continuing education, mentoring opportunities and inclusiveness. 

Housing policy is near and dear to me.  I am currently working with two county- wide efforts seeking to make housing attainable across the entire spectrum of need.  As the entire state deals with affordability, homelessness and challenges with transportation, planners serve a critical role in helping our communities address these complex issues by building relationships, guiding policy decisions and advocating for equity. 

I currently serve as the Colorado Municipal League Planning section chair, an opportunity for APA Colorado to integrate Planning into the policy realm as we work with elected officials from around the State.  The opportunity for us to collaborate across all levels of government and the private sector may seem daunting at times but it is our job as a community of planning professionals to navigate collectively in support of our respective communities and citizens.   I look forward to serving the Colorado planning community and welcome the opportunity to help navigate the challenges while celebrating the successes. 






My 19 year career has remained solely in Colorado and I currently serve as the Planning Manager for the Town of Breckenridge.

From Colorado’s unique cities and towns to our wilderness areas, our planning efforts and relationships carry great impacts. As a mother of two young boys in an ever changing community, I found myself constantly explaining why as a planner we do what we do, why something goes where it does, and what else we should be considering (with plenty of advice from them as well!). This has helped to shape my passion for planning beyond the technical aspects to educating, empowering and learning from the younger generation on planning theories and methods.

If elected, I would like to enhance our planning profession’s relationships with those outside of our field. I would like to provide more opportunities that encourage and support planners to reach outside of their comfort zone and engage outside organizations and people such as our future planning youth, social and environmental non-profits, and other professional organizations.




I have been honored to serve as one of the Metro Denver Representatives for the past four years. I’m proud of the work that we have done in the metro area to better connect planners to each other and to important topics throughout the region and the state. While we have hosted many of our own events, we have also worked with a variety of APA-Colorado Committees as well as other allied organizations to support and co-host a variety of events during this time. We have worked especially close with the Emerging Planning Professionals (EPP) and Student groups in offering networking events. We co-sponsored happy hours with the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of ITE and several APA Colorado Committees, and have reached out to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and other organizations to look for opportunities to co-host future events. I believe that it is important to reach out to other organizations to both lend our voice and garner other similar voices in the many varied sectors that planners occupy.
I’m asking for your vote for the Vice President of External Affairs position. I believe that my past experience working with APA-Colorado Committees and other allied organizations while serving as an Area Representative uniquely qualifies me to be successful in this position. In my professional life, I have worked with a variety of other disciplines on multi-disciplinary transportation planning projects, and I believe that this experience will also help me to continue to bridge the gap between APA and many other organizations. My goal for the position is to determine which organizations we have the most successful Memorandums of Understanding, and find ways to make other relationships work in a similar way. I also think that this position can work with the area representatives to find interested planners to serve as event planning committees to develop more events, and make those events come together more smoothly across the state.
It would be an honor to continue to serve on the APA-Colorado Board as the Vice President of External Affairs.




I currently work on the Commercial Zoning / Zoning Permitting team as a planner for the City and County of Denver. I am excited for the chance to serve as the VP of External Affairs for APA Colorado. If elected to this role, I will prioritize continuing to build on strategic partnerships between planners across the state and the other related disciplines. I would like to create a program that allows APA Colorado to benefit from the knowledge, experience, and stories of planners (and other related professions) that have long-term, legacy information to share. I have learned some of the most important information in my career as the recipient of stories of the past. We need to get more of this legacy shared with our members so that it can better inform how we plan for our future. I want to fully engage all of our multidisciplinary resources to focus on infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure (repeating it three times helps to bring it into existence). And last, but not least, I want to introduce some new, fun ideas for our social meetups.





As planners, we continue to face new and evolving political and socioeconomic conditions that challenge us as professionals. I believe it is our responsibility to evolve and adapt to these ever changing conditions within our communities to better serve those around us and our profession. As an organization, we need to encourage more professional development opportunities and programs that are practical and feasible for all of our membership (non-profit, public, and private planners). I am a strong advocate for collaboration amongst colleagues and allied professions. APA Colorado is in a position where we can utilize our resources (monetary and relational) to foster opportunities for our members to provide services and support to underserved communities and neighborhoods.

I have been a strong advocate for and passionately involved with APA Colorado and planning activities along the front range for the past seven years and counting. I am ready to step up my involvement and be part of the leadership team (Executive Board) for the APA Colorado chapter. I have served on the inaugural Emerging Planning Professionals Committee as a State Representative, continually serve on the Professional Development Committee, represent our profession at local and statewide functions, and propose conference sessions that are creatively focused on professional development.

If elected, I will work closely with other members on the Executive Board and our great Committees to continue the advancement of APA Colorado by being fiscally responsible, improving upon and creating opportunities for our members in professional development and community involvement, and building upon our existing partnerships with other professionals and organizations.




My name is Keith Wood and I believe that Colorado is a fantastic state. And it's much more than just the natural beauty that has attracted a significant amount of growth in population within its borders. Within the last 8 years Coloradans have increased in number by 13 percent (myself among them), ranking 4th in the nation in change over the same period. And it's not showing any signs of slowing down. While many urban areas have been prepared for such growth, many others have not. There has never been a more pivotal time for planning than there is right now and it is my hope that the APA can help guide the development of urban centers around CO for many years to come. I posit that in addition to the impacts that planning has had on urban design since it underwent several major shifts in the early 1900's, it now acts as a means of combating situations such as the water shortages that the entire region has been prone to within the last few decades. I would be greatly honored to occupy the position of Secretary and would do everything within my power to ensure that the organization succeeds. Thank you for your vote!






My name is TJ Dlubac and I have been involved in APA Colorado and planning related activities throughout Colorado since 2008. So much has changed in this state over that time, however, one thing has not changed: the focus on front range planning issues and case studies in Chapter events. Since moving to Summit County two years ago, this has become even more profound to me. Our rural and mountain communities have made great strides in advancing sound planning practices at smaller scales and their accomplishments and experiences should be shared throughout the state. I am excited to run for the position of Central Mountain Area Representative so that I can share the successes of our mountain communities with others throughout the state while also being the conduit to bring meaningful and relevant opportunities to those same communities.

It has been a few years since I was last on the APA Colorado Board when I had the honor of serving as the VP of Communications. Since then I have continued to be involved and a strong advocate for APA Colorado through participating on the Local Host Committee for the 2018 Annual Conference in Keystone, being a sponsor of APA Colorado, and proposing conference sessions. Also, I was asked to be the liaison for the Board during the APA National discussions on the future of national’s website and how the Chapter could best participate in that effort. I am confident I can provide the necessary commitment it will take to move APA Colorado further into the future by enhancing our offerings to our members, optimizing our partnerships and relationships with allied professions, and utilizing national resources to effectively and efficiently serve our membership.




Living in the mountains of Colorado for over 19 years has shown me that the Western Slope and Central Mountains is an area of outstanding beauty and nuance. This was especially put into perspective for me while working in Denver for the majority of 2018.

The Front Range is full of old and new towns complete with their varied codes and plans. I was constantly surprised by the differences between processes, motivations and political environments within such short distances of each other. Where each town or city was completely independent of each other and often, left me longing to be back planning in the mountains once more. The region for which I am seeking to represent not only has more unified planning practices, but it is a place I personally I feel shares so much in the way of common issues and attributes - even between the mountain populations found in Eagle, Pitkin, Grand and Summit counties, to the historic and rural communities found in Garfield, Lake, Park, Chaffee and Jackson counties.  





Throughout my 15 year career as a public and private sector planner, I have looked to the Colorado Chapter of APA and its members for resources, guidance, and enthusiasm. As a student at the University of Colorado, I was the student representative to the Colorado Chapter of APA as well as the National APA Board. Rejoining the leadership of an organization that has been foundational for me will give me the opportunity to work with my peers and strengthen our most valuable asset, our members and your personal needs to thrive as planners!

I believe that the Colorado Chapter can be an organization that not only provides professional education on emerging trends and best practices, but can also provide tools and stronger support networks for the tougher side of the job. Regardless of our specific focus, our dedication to the planning profession and its beneficiaries is often challenging, unforgiving, and exposed. As communities across the state adapt to anticipated growth pressures, communities will need motivated and enthusiastic planners to make thoughtful decisions in both the public and private sectors of the field.




My name is Patrick Rawley and I look forward to serving as the APA Colorado Central Mountain Area Representative and I ask for your support.

I believe in community. Community is not only what we do but it is also who we are. In eleven years working as a planner based in the Roaring Fork Valley, I have had the pleasure of taking part in projects from rural areas and small mountain communities to maturing regional hubs. No matter the size of the community I find myself in, I am happy to report that we are more alike than we are different. We all want the same basic things – stability, an opportunity for growth, and fun - in short, community. The members of the American Planning Association, both public and private, as community builders are uniquely positioned to support community in a dynamic and consequential way. I am proud to be a member of the APA!




My name is Mark Truckey and I am the Assistant Director of Community Development for the Town of Breckenridge. I have worked for the Town since 2005. The prior eight years I worked as the Long Range Planning Manager for the Summit County Planning Department in Colorado. Outside of the office, I love taking in our mountain environment as much as possible, and am passionate about downhill and Nordic skiing, mountain biking, and hiking, climbing, and SUPing.
I am running for office to offer my assistance as the Central Mountain representative for the Colorado APA Board. Over the years, I have benefited from attending and participating in various Colorado APA events and would like to give back to the organization with some of my time. As a member of the Board, my years of experience in the field will hopefully be valuable to the work of the Board and I will do my best to represent the interests of the Central Mountain region. I will look for opportunities to outreach to Central Mountain members for input on issues and ideas of greatest interest to the members and for chances to share information between members on critical issues such as housing, climate change/sustainability, and growth management. 





I believe that planners in the Denver Metro area are community builders that are charged with solving complex problems with everything from housing affordability and economic prosperity to conservation of natural resources and mobility. We are leaders helping to create places that are sustainable and support the people that use them. We are tasked with being the voice for those who are usually not heard. Planners in the Denver Metro area have a responsibility to be a champion of the communities we live in and work for. Therefore, we must be prepared to handle the wide variety of issues that we encounter, and we must be innovative in how we engage others about those issues. In order to do this, and truly comprehend the complexities and challenges of planning within the Denver Metro area, we must listen to each other and learn from other places.
In my role as Denver Metro Area representative, I would like to focus on creating spaces for planners to hold a dialogue about issues in their community and the profession. APA Colorado’s mission states that its role is to advocate for excellence in planning, promote professional development, and provide education and empowerment. I believe at the core of this is the need to strengthen our individual skills while still contributing to the profession and community. I am passionate about creating platforms for dialogue and I believe with more spaces to engage with each other and our communities our cities, profession, and selves can only be improved. 



I am a planner at Norris Design in Denver, CO. I have worked in the field of planning and urban design since 2006. My experience in the profession includes exposure to a variety of planning and design-based projects for both the public and private sectors. My work spans a full spectrum of scales from high-level comprehensive plans to catalytic site-focused subarea plans down to the design and building of mixed-use developments, residential neighborhoods, streetscapes, and parks. I have worked in multiple states as a private consultant for local, regional, and county agencies. My membership with APA has spanned both the Northern California and Colorado chapters, and I received my Master of Urban Regional Planning from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. Recently, I relocated from California to Colorado where I have been working in the Denver Metro Area for the past four years. I now consider Colorado my home and want to focus much of my professional energy within the state to help Colorado be a better place for our communities.



I agree with the APAs mission of advancing the art and science of planning through philanthropic activities. I believe it is important to educate and enrich the public dialogue about planning, and advance social equity in the profession and in our communities. I am an active volunteer on the planning commission in the Town of Parker, and a local real estate broker with Keller Williams Realty. I hold a master’s degree in business with a focus on Public Relations management and have worked in the marketing and advertising space for over ten years. I believe growth and development is a positive influence on our community. I am confident I would be an impactful advocate and honest voice of influence for the APA.




I am currently a Principal Planner with the Boulder County Land Use Department where I manage the Development Review Team. Throughout my thirteen years of professional planning experience in Colorado and Virginia, I have written comprehensive plans, open space plans, and local land use regulations. I have conducted complex land development project reviews, created and implemented public engagement processes for a variety of local and regional planning efforts, and served as Project Manager for a federally funded regional sustainable community planning grant.

I have been session presenter at APA conferences (National, CO, and VA) and presented webinars through APA on topics such as public engagement, sustainable communities, public sector planning processes, land use policies, and the sharing economy.




I am excited to be a candidate for the position of North Central Colorado Area Representative. Currently, I am the Vice Chairman on Loveland’s Building and Planning Commission, as well as a local business owner, with a successful plumbing and HVAC business in Loveland,CO.

I am happy to be a part of the rapidly growing NO CO area, I endeavor to take every opportunity to give back to my community. I am a highly driven, and dedicated, ambassador for the growth and welfare of the state of Colorado. With an ear to my community, I believe I am a natural fit for this open seat. I have attached a letter from Mr. Robert Paulsen, the head of Loveland’s Building and Planning Department, for your review.




I have been involved in Planning for over 30 years, working for several municipalities and a counties on both the Front Range and the Western Slope. I currently hold the position of Principal Planner with the Planning Division for the Mesa County. Prior to this I was the interim Community Development Director for the City of Fruita, Planning Manager for the City of Grand and Land Use Administrator for Ouray County.
Over the years I have found that those of us who work on the Western Slope, have a very interesting and varied background and clientele. There are a myriad of issues, concerns and dilemmas that seem to set us apart but, when viewed closely, effectively unite us strongly together. It is this ebb and flow, this moving apart and coming together, that creates such a rich and diverse culture within our profession.  


The APA Colorado Board overhauled the existing Chapter Bylaws in 2018 in order to simplify and clarify the overall document. The draft was
distributed for Chapter comment in March 2019 and relevant changes incorporated. The final draft was posted online in May and can be viewed HERE .

The Board is recommending approval of the new Bylaws with an effective date of January 1, 2020.



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