APA Leadership Meeting Information

Information from APA Leadership Meetings held at Fall 2017 Policy and Advocacy Conference

Four times annually, at the National Planning Conference in the Spring and the Policy and Advocacy Conference in the Fall, and at a Summer and Winter Retreat, APA Leadership including the APA Board of Directors, the AICP Commission, the Chapter Presidents Council, the Divisions Council, and the Student Representatives Council meet to discuss programs, policies, strategic plans, and budget. The most recent leadership meetings were held at the Policy and Advocacy Conference in September in Washington D.C. A summary of the APA Board and the AICP Commission meetings follow.

Board Meeting Summary – 2017 Fall Leadership Meetings

  • Education - The Board reviewed a draft outline from the APA Education Committee of an "Education Blueprint" that recommends, among other things, assessing members' education needs and developing a consistent, integrated approach to all our education programs. The strategy will ensure our programs are aligned with member needs. This new coordinated approach will help to create consistency for all APA educational programs. Input on the needs assessment and the blueprint is essential, and APA will work closely with committees relevant to education, as well as with AICP, Divisions Council, Chapter Presidents Council, and SRC.
  • APA Budget - The Board approved the FY 2018 budget as presented by the Development Plan and Budget Committee. The Development Plan and Budget Committee had met numerous times throughout the year to review the new format and were actively engaged in the process of creating the new budget. Highlights from the FY2018 budget include no dues increase for APA or AICP, an increase in membership (both APA and AICP), a new Learning Management System, and funding for a national public opinion poll.
  • Academic Membership Task Force - The Board approved recommendations from the Academic Membership Task Force to expand the Academic Group Membership Program eligibility beyond ACSP-member programs, in order to advance diversity, and to support our new student membership program in that it is open to students from a wide range of schools.
  • Legislative and Policy Committee - This year's Policy and Advocacy Conference included a delegate assembly, which approved the new Healthy Communities Policy Guide. Next, it will be ratified by the Board in fall of 2017. The Housing and Surface Transportation policy guides are being updated and a new Social Equity guide is in progress.
  • APA Foundation – The Foundation distributed $25,000 in academic scholarships to seven student members. The entire APA Board met the Leadership Challenge that started at NPC17. The current campaign for hurricane recovery has resonated with members as over $12,000 has been received into the Foundation for relief. This amount is more than the Foundation has received in seven years. The Foundation was pleased with the Divisions Council donation of $4,000 and the support the Chapters President Council gives during NPC.
  • Diversity Committee - The Diversity Committee presented a report to the Board, for feedback, with an expanded definition of diversity for APA. The committee will plan to develop a repository of information on the diversity webpage ( which will include toolkits for chapters, divisions and student organizations if they choose to adopt a diversity initiative, as well as a toolkit for the Ambassador Program.

AICP Commission Meeting Summary – 2017 Fall Leadership Meetings

Market Research Marketing Plan – The Commission heard about a marketing plan based on market research conducted over the past year. The AICP Marketing Plan recommended messaging opportunities and tactics, to improve the value perception employers have about AICP certified planners and the AICP credential, and to provide faculty and career counselors with pragmatic reasons to become influencers and ambassadors for AICP certification among their students. The Commission recommended that employers, specifically hiring managers, should be the first target audience and that the messages should be tailored by sector. The Commission also noted that the Code of Ethics and CM are points to support the theme of attaining and maintaining AICP is rigorous. The marketing tactics will launch in January 2018.
AICP Strategic Plan – The AICP Commission reviewed an updated draft of the AICP Strategic Plan and agreed that with small changes it would be ready for action at the Winter retreat.


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