Meeting Minutes 08-10-18

APA Colorado Board Meeting
Friday August 10, 2018

FasTracks Office (RTD)
1560 Broadway, 7th Floor
Denver, CO
Express Conference Room
The meeting was called to order at 2:03 p.m.; quorum established at 2:11 p.m.
Roll Call
Michelle Stephens, President 
Meghie Tabor, VP of Communications
Nick Vander Kwaak, VP External Affairs
Scott Bressler, Metro Representative
Libby Tart Schoenfelder, Metro Representative
Maureen Paz de Araujo, South Central Representative
Mark Williams, Southwest Area Representative
Ethan Mobley, Northwest Area Representative
Anita Seitz, Public Official Representative
Susan Wood, Legislative Committee Co-Chair
Brandon Cammarata, Western Planner Representative
Brandon Jenson, EPP Co-Representative
Joe Green Student Representative
Vacant, Faculty Representative
Anna Laybourn, Central Mountain Area Rep
Melanie Sloan, North Central Representative
Leah Dawson, Secretary/Treasurer
Allison Crump, Professional Development Officer
Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Co-Chair
Melanie Sloan, North Central Representative
Carly Macias, APA Transportation Division
Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
1. Opening Remarks – Michelle Stephens, President
No opening remarks. Michelle introduced Carly Macias, APA Transportation Division
a. APA Transportation Division Presentation
Carlie Macias is a representative of the APA Transportation Division. She would like to get involved to do more joint trainings with APA Colorado and other transportation organizations. Susan mentioned having Ed Peterson, CDOT Commissioner to explain the recently passed transportation funding. This could possibly go out to all areas of the state. Carlie said she would be happy to come to Board meetings and hear about what we’re doing and offer ideas. Michelle noted that the CPC has encouraged more joint events with the divisions, so we hope to take this introduction with the next step. It was suggested to provide a table for divisions in the exhibit hall. 
2. Consent Agenda:
a) Minutes May 2018 Board - Leah Dawson, Secretary/Treasurer
b) Minutes May 2018 Workshop– Leah Dawson, Secretary/Treasurer
c) Minutes Email Vote 6-19-18 Sustainability Committee Reimbursement– Leah Dawson, Secretary/Treasurer
d) Minutes Email Vote 6-25-18 Western Planner Travel Funding to WP Conference – Leah Dawson, Secretary/Treasurer 
e) Minutes Email Vote 7-2-18 John Prosser Fund – Leah Dawson, Secretary/Treasurer 
f) May-July 2018 Financial Report - Leah Dawson, Secretary/Treasurer
g) Great Places in Colorado Program Update – Michelle Stephens, President
Michelle introduced the consent agenda items and asked for comments. Hearing none, she asked for a motion.
Motion by Susan to approve the consent agenda.
Second by Libby
Discussion: None
Vote:  Unanimous
3. Chapter Administrator Report – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
a. 2018 Conference Planning
Shelia said that the conference planning is focused getting the APP set up and finalizing the schedule, including mobile tours and transportation. The preliminary program is still online and will be updated in August with speaker names. The next stage of planning will concentrate on organizing the sponsors and working out the networking, roundtable and fast and funny events.
Shelia then noted that registration is a behind last year, but that there is typically a pickup in late August right before registration closes. Sponsorship is also down with many of our longtime supporters going with lower packages this year. She did see some traction from new sponsors. She then concluded with a reminder about the Friday morning roundtable discussions and that she would be discussing this with them in detail at the next meeting.
Shelia then addressed the new cost with the Attendify app and branding. With branding the cost is $2000; without it’s $1000. The question is if the branding is important enough and is the extra step going to be confusing for attendees. Nick said he has used the non-branded version with other conferences and it was easy to maneuver. The consensus from the Board was to go with the cheaper, non-branded option.
b. Internship
Shelia said that the VISTA program turned out to be a little more involved than what we have time for at present. She will be drafting a new job description to distribute to CU Denver, CU Boulder, UCCS and Colorado College. Michelle suggested placing it on the Colorado Nonprofit Association site too.
c. Annual Report
Shelia reminded the Board that the annual report deadline would be in mid-November. She encouraged members to begin thinking about what they want to write. 
d. 2021 Four Corners Conference
Shelia informed the board that she had been contacted earlier in the week by Patti King, Chapter Administrator for APA Arizona. Ms. King was inquiring if APA Colorado would be interested in a joint Four Corners conference in Flagstaff, AZ. Ms. King has also reached out to APA New Mexico and APA Utah, as well as the APA Arizona Western Planner representative. Shelia noted that thus far, all parties have expressed an interest and are presenting the idea to their respective boards for discussion. Shelia said not discussions have been held regarding financial contributions, only anticipated participation by Chapters & Western Planner, as well as attendance estimates from each group. Shelia then reminded the Board of the 2011 joint conference with APA New Mexico and Western Planner in Santa Fe, NM. She highlighted the APA Colorado brought the most attendees (around 300) but only received $3000 or so of the overall income of the event. 
Staff this discussed the travel requirements for Colorado members to attend a Flagstaff conference. Based on quick research, she noted that Flagstaff is a 13-14-hour car drive or 20-25-hour bus trip from Denver. Flight options include a connecting flight of 7.5 hours (DIA-PHX-FLG) for around $700, or a $100 direct flight to Phoenix from Denver adding a $200 rental car and 2-3-hour drive.
The Board then discussed various options to support the event. It was suggested that the event target a 4 corners issues such as water, wildfires, etc. so that a cross-discipline group will be interested in attending. Brandon C. said that his experience with Western Planner (WP) is that they are open to this discussion. Michelle asked how many years out WP has their conferences planned, and Brandon C. replied they are booked through 2020 and currently looking at 2021. Susan inquired what the proposed dates would be and how that coordinate with all the Chapter’s typical conference dates. The Board agreed that funding of the event would be questionable, but support would be available. 
The consensus was that the Chapter would support and advertise the event and is willing to keep in the discussions, but at this time they would move forward with scheduling the Chapter’s conference in state in 2021. 
4. Committee Updates
a. APAS – Joe Green, Student Representative
Joe stated the students have had two meetings to plan fall activities. They are scheduling a tour of the 5280 route and plan to have happy hours every Thursday. On September 8th they will tour the highline canal. They are also looking to schedule speakers for each of their meetings. They are developing their mentoring program and trying to get their website back up. They are also discussing ways to reach out to Metro State and other programs to advertise planning. He concluded that they would like to do more joint events with committees. Shelia suggested inviting the PDO or President to come speak at one of their earlier meetings to talk about APA, AICP Candidate Program and other topics. Susan mentioned the free APA membership and divisions.  
b. Citizen Advisory Committee – Michelle Stephens, Committee Liaison
Michell said the group is still in a holding pattern. Anita said she recently attended a one-day curriculum hosted by DRCOG and ULI called “Urban Plan for Public Officals: Experiencing the Fundamental Forces in Development”. She provided a copy of the booklet and said the program covered the development review process through the eyes of a proforma. She said it was useful information and good tool for public officials. She is emailing to see if the curriculum can be brought to the Chapter. She said they also have the workshop at the high school level and it might be useful for community citizens members, so they can learn about the process. 
c. Diversity Committee – Michelle Stephens, Committee Liaison
Michelle said she has found a Chapter member to spearhead the creation of the committee.
d. Emerging Planning Professionals –Brandon Jenson, Committee Chairs
Brandon J. said they’ve had low attendance at events over the summer, with most of the attendees being students. The June parking day at Westminster was a joint EPP and Chapter event and had decent attendance. In July the held a volunteer event to help prepare farm plots for the fall season and followed with happy hour. The most recent was the Grand Lake place making event where they worked to turn a parking lot into a gateway area for access to the lake. Nathanial Schull is the planner there. This was the first attempt at an event outside of Denver. Their next plan is to host a panel discussion with representatives from all areas of public sector planning. They will continue to try to do Facebook live streaming for those who can’t attend in person. 
e. Healthy Communities Committee – Shelia Booth
Shelia said the committee continues to meet monthly and held their first event this summer. They continue to work on goals and prioritization and a resource page. 
f. Legislative Committee – Eric Heil & Susan Wood, Committee Co-Chairs
i. Request for Additional Funding for Legislative Liaison
Susan reminded the Board that the Chapter tried a new format for contracting with Peak Government Affairs to get a greater level of accountability. She said hours were reported with details on how they were spent. The bulk of the money was spent in the legislative session and all the budgeted funds have been spent. There isn’t any money left for the remainder of the year. The Board asked what the remaining duties and activities might be, and Susan responded that he would keep in contact with legislators and organizations like CML, CCI, etc. She said she has a current bill for $900 and is anticipating some additional charges to total $2500 to get to the end of the year. If the Board approves the additional $2500, that would leave $950 for the remainder of the year after this last bill is paid. Shelia noted that conference travel and work time have not been paid either. Susan suggested increasing the request for additional funding from $2500 to $3,500. Michelle asked what the contract said and if the budget would have to be amended. Shelia said the contract she has on file does not address expenditures beyond that budgeted, but the budget would need to be amended. 
Brandon J. recalled that the discussion during the budget was heated and everyone agreed that the legislative liaison needed to stick to the approved budget. His concern was that the budget was approved with higher sponsorship and registration income and both are currently below that anticipated. For $3500, Brandon J would like to have the Committee provide significant outcomes. Susan discussed the various new bills that are being discussed and the value of having the legislative liaison do the preliminary research and discussions before the legislative season.
Michelle began polling the Board on their thoughts. Nick said he thought since the legislative session was slow, he felt the legislative liaison should have come in under budget or the Chapter negotiated a bad deal. He inquired if the Board should reconsider the hourly contract for 2019 and go back to the fixed fee contract. Nick requested input from Peak Government Affairs on anticipated activities between now and the end of the year, and what Peak thinks the Chapter should budget. Anita discussed the value of having the legislative resources and the relationships. The Board continued discussion about budgeting, outcomes of the accountability, etc. and Michelle noted that Peak submitted reports this year and the timesheets clearly show how time was spent. Michelle likes the work but would like to see more communication with members about bills, votes, etc. She said we aren’t doing a good job telling our members what we’re working on and doing for them at the legislative level. She would like to see targeted emails, webinars, workshops, etc. The Board consensus was to approve a budget amendment but have Peak submit a quote or “mini budget” to the Board at the next meeting detailing what activities and expenditures will be forthcoming the rest of the year.
Motion by Anita to approve additional funding for the legislative liaison not to exceed $3,500 until a quote and/or new budget is provided.
Second by Libby
Discussion: None
Vote:  Unanimous 
i. Peak Government Affairs Session Recap
Michelle instructed the Board to read the summary provided.
b. Membership Committee – Maureen Paz de Araujo, Committee Chair
Maureen said they have had two meetings and identified that one of the concerns was the lack of public sector support for employees to be members of APA Colorado. They will work to do a survey on that issue.
c. Outreach & Communications Committee – Mehgie Tabor & Nick Vander Kwaak, Committee Co-Chairs
Nick said Meghie has been working on an APA Colorado version of the new National Community Planning Month (NCPM) logo and would like to put that on some swag items for distribution at the conference. The Board agreed to look at the options and vote the following week. 
d. PIC Board - Eric Heil, President
No report
e. Professional Development Committee – Allison Crump, Chair
No Report.
f. Sustainability Committee – Libby Tart-Schoenfelder, Board Liaison
Libby said she hasn’t had any recent updates and will check in before the next meeting.
g. Youth in Planning– Michelle Stephens, Board Liaison
Michelle said the committee chair, Wade Broadhead, reached out to APA Florida to see discuss their K-12 curriculum and the committee may come back to the Board with a $10,000 2019 budget request to have the curriculum built for Colorado. If we can use some of Florida’s, it might be cheaper. The committee is also working on the Youth Planning Summit since they had several communities express an interest in participating. They may ask honorarium money to help communities pay for it. 
5. Board Member Updates
a. Central Mountain, Anna Laybourn: None
b. Denver Metro Area, Scott Bressler & Libby Tart-Schoenfelder: They held a happy hour that was well attended.
c. North Central, Melanie Sloan: None. 
d. Northwest, Ethan Mobley: Ethan sent a link to the membership map and asked for feedback. The map will let area representatives get a better idea of where members live to help plan events. He offered to add other statistics if needed. 
e. South Central, Maureen Paz de Araujo: No report.
f. South West, Mark Williams: No report. 
g. Planning Faculty, Vacant: No report.
h. Public Official, Anita Seitz: Anita said she will be moderating the joint CML and APA Colorado webinar in August. The webinar will address what public officials should know when they are reviewing land use requests. 
i. Western Planner, Brandon Cammarata: Brandon C. said he attended the WP conference and discussed recent WP changes. He said WP is doing well financially. He said this year’s WP conference was held on a reservation with focus on tribal planning. There were 175 attendees at the tough location with the majority being tribal planners. He highlighted speakers and sessions that he attended. The next WP conference will be in Santa Fe, NM in 2019 and Bismarck ND in 2020. 
6. Old Business
a. Adoption of Chapter Mission Statement – Michelle Stephens, President
Michelle reminded the Board that at the May retreat those in attendance drafted a new mission statement:
APA Colorado provides leadership in the development of resilient, inclusive, sustainable and equitable communities by advocating for excellence in planning and public policy, promoting professional development, and providing education and citizen empowerment for those who are working to protect and enhance the natural and built environment.
She said the new mission statement would lend itself to a new acronym for the Chapter – RISE (Resilient. Inclusive. Sustainable. Equitable). She asked for any comments, and hearing none requested a motion to approve.
Motion by Susan to adopt the mission statement as presented. 
Second by Nick
Discussion: None
Vote:  Unanimous 
b. Strategic Plan & Action Items Draft Changes – Michelle Stephens, President
Michelle requested that this item be tabled to the September meeting to allow enough time to discuss. 
Motion by Michelle to table the item to September.
Second by Scott
Discussion: None
Vote:  Unanimous 
7. New Business
a. Allied Partners Review – Michelle Stephens, President and Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Michelle requested that this time be tabled to the September meeting to allow enough time to discuss. 
Motion by Libby to table the item to September.
Second by Scott
Discussion: None
Vote:  Unanimous
b. Symposium for Sustainable Infrastructure (The City We Have, The City WE Want) Partnership – Michelle Stephens, President
Michelle summarized the event information for the Board, stating the event would be joint with ASCE and is in its 3rd year. The focus of discussion will be on why we are talking about smart cities when we have failing infrastructure and non-resilient communities. The consensus of the Board was to be a part of the event and Michelle said she would be back in September with an MOU. She concluded that there may be a financial and/or resource request in the future.
c. New Financial Institution – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Staff reminded the Board that in 2017, the Board directed staff to investigate moving financial institutions. The Chapter has been with Wells Fargo since 2013 after moving from Colorado State Bank due to bad customer service. The Board requested that the financial institution be a local, Colorado based bank or credit union. Staff added that the financial institution must be in both Colorado Springs and Denver. A search was made of all banks and credit unions that fit that bill. The list was then shortened based on proximity to the Chapter Administrators office and some initial research on reviews and services.
The result was a comparison of four financial institutions: ENT Federal Credit Union, 1st Bank, Community Banks of Colorado and Air Academy Federal Credit Union. A copy of the comparison spreadsheet is attached. The information on Air Academy is still outstanding as their staff person was researching information for me and has not yet responded. Once that information is received, the spreadsheet will be updated.
Based on the information in place, Staff would like to further discuss best options with ENT, 1st Bank and Community Banks. All three seem comparable, but the interest rates for the various checking accounts can vary. After getting the best offer for checking and savings programs, staff will return with a recommendation.
d. 2017-2018 Chapter Administrator Review – Michell Stephens, President
The Board entered Executive Session at 3:39 p.m. and ended at 3:49 p.m.
8. Bylaws Changes
a. Workshop Recommendations & Redline Reviews
Brandon J. stated that the redraft of the Bylaws will need to be finalized by February 2019 so it’s ready for APA. In November 2017 the Board became the Bylaws Committee. Brandon J will assign every Board member their respective section of the bylaws to review and compare to their actual job as well as to a model bylaws document from another APA Chapter. Review is due by the end of August. Michelle said she suggests a complete overhaul of the bylaws. Brandon J. suggested spending more time on what the model says and how your duties can be reflected. Between the end of August and the next Board meeting Brandon J. Brandon be assemble the comments into one document for the Board to review. In October he’ll do an outreach survey and have a display at conference for members to provide input. In November the first draft is a finalized. Brandon J. would like to send the first draft to a few other chapters for review and input.
Susan had one question regarding possible changes to the Legislative Committee and Michelle responded that the goal is to make the bylaws less specific when it comes to committee structure.
Michelle asked if there should be a special bylaws meeting, the board agreed to meet on Tuesday September 11th at RTD beginning at 4:30 p.m. 
9. Other Business
Motion by Susan to adjourn at 4:01 pm
Second by Michelle
Discussion: None
Vote:  Unanimous
APPROVED 9-7-2018



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