Growing Water Smart - Workshop Grant

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The Growing Water Smart workshop helps communities bridge the gap between water management and land use planning to build a more resilient future.

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Sonoran Institute

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Jeremy Stapleton

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Friday, June 1, 2018 - 5:00pm


The Growing Water Smart program helps communities bridge the gap between water management and land use planning to build a more resilent future. This is especially important for Colorado as its population continues to rapidly grow. From 1 million people in 1930 to over 5 million today, projections now anticipate that Colorado’s population could nearly double by 2060. To sustain this growth, Colorado will need to better manage its water supply. Although Colorado is a headwater state, the state’s water supply faces increasing uncertainty with over-appropriated river basins, longer droughts, and more frequent fires. The Colorado Water Plan predicts that by 2050 the state could have a supply gap of up to 560,000 acre-feet. Historically, planning for water resources and planning for land use development have been conducted separately. Yet land use decisions have profound impacts on the quantity of water people and buildings consume and the quantity and quality of the water that enters our ecosystems and replenishes our supplies. Going forward, communities will need to be more deliberate in integrating decisions about how and where they build with decisions about how much water development uses and how to best steward our resources.


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