Town of Eagle: Full Update to Comprehensive Plan and Land Use & Development Code

Short Category Description

The town is requesting proposals for consulting services from a professional planning firm to lead a comprehensive update to our Comprehensive Plan and our Land Use and Development Code (the code). The selected firm or team of firms will have demonstrated experience in variety of areas, including but not limited to, developing community visions, growth policies, implementation strategies, land use, zoning, and subdivision policies and regulations. The consultants will prepare and provide documents and associated services for the comprehensive plan and development code in accordance with the requirements described within this request for proposal and accompanying documentation.

Company / Agency

Town of Eagle

Contact person

Morgan Landers, Town Planner

Proposal Deadline

Friday, July 13, 2018 - 3:00pm


**Please see full RFP for additional information and submission guidelines. Complete proposal packages are available to download from https://www.bidnetdirect.com/colorado/townofeagle. Vendors must be registered to view the bid packages. There is no charge to register. Call 1-800-835-4603 if you need assistance registering.** Project Overview The town is excited to identify partners that can support the needs of the project and the dedicated staff and volunteers that will contribute time and energy toward a successful outcome. The town expects the project to be a three-to-four-year process that includes the adoption of a new independent Comprehensive Plan and Land Use and Development Code. The project will include robust community outreach and workshops, two citizen’s advisory committees, partner organization meetings, and work sessions and public meetings with appointed and elected officials. The town anticipates a Comprehensive Plan that is progressive and addresses emerging trends relevant to our community. The plan should lay out a clear vision for the community, include policies that will act as a blueprint for the town, and should provide actionable implementation strategies to achieve the vision as it is described. The following elements have been identified as key areas of focus for the community plan in no order: • Vision for the Town of Eagle • Community Values • Housing • Transportation • Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Preparedness • Recreation, Open Space, and Trails • Resource Management and Infrastructure • Community Resiliency • Economic Development • Community Service and Facilities • Environmental Stewardship The town anticipates a code that is based on an appropriate structure for the different types and forms of neighborhoods, commercial centers, and future development in the town. The town is open to a blend of code structures including form based zoning, performance zoning, and traditional zoning based on recommendations from the consultant team. The code should include, but not be limited to, the following elements: 1. Mixed-Use Zone Districts 2. Progressive and Sustainable Landscape Standards that support low-water use landscapes and other elements of the town’s water conservation and efficiency plan 3. Storm Water Regulations that support the quality and sustainability of our local waterways 4. Development Standards that supports the identification and mitigation of natural and human caused hazards 5. Sign and Lighting Codes that reflect current regulations and technology platforms 6. Land use application policies and procedures 7. High quality visual references that support a user-friendly experience (images, graphics, tables, etc.) 8. Clear design guidelines that support quality design but that foster creativity


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