Town of Palisade Land Develoment Code

Short Category Description

The project is a complete re-write of the Town of Palisade Land Development Code in a short period of time. The new code should be drafted as a well-organized document with clear and straightforward language that will function to create a realistic future for the Town. A completed code should be formatted with at least the following Articles: 1. General Provisions, 2. Community Design and Development Standards, 3. Zoning, 4. Subdivision Regulations, 5. Review and Approval, 6. Penalties and Enforcement, 7. Signs, 8. Flood Regulations, 9. Manufactured Housing, 10. Recreational RV Parks.

Company / Agency

Town of Palisade

Contact person

Ron Quarles

Proposal Deadline

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 4:00pm


The Town of Palisade is a Statutory Town of approximately 2,700 residents located at the eastern end of the Grand Valley of Western Colorado, twelve miles east of Grand Junction. The Colorado River serves as the southern boundary for the Town. The area is recognized for its fertile soil and canyon winds that support the peach orchards and grape vineyards for which the Palisade region is famous. A proposal is requested for the completion of a new Land Development Code to replace a code that was adopted in May of 2008 prior to the national recession. In the eight years the existing code has been used it has been amended several times to reflect changes to signage standards, fencing standards, medical marijuana regulations, flood regulations, short term vacation rentals, child home care and other land use regulations. Major shortcomings to the existing code include a general lack of organization; some conflicting language; and a general lack of clarity in the administration of the regulations. The Proposal should demonstrate the firm's experience with preparing development codes, particularly with small towns; The proposal should also demonstrate how the project will be achieved in the short time frame with a goal of completion by September of 2017. In drafting the code, the Town desires the following outcomes: easy to use definitions and terminology; heavy reliance on graphics, tables illustrations that reflect the regulations; complete and concise standards; realistic requirements that reflect the goals of the Town's Comprehensive Plan; understandable definitions of measurements; well defined roles of the Boards and Commissions and staff; well defined application procedures; understandable procedures for granting land use decisions; reliable criteria for decision making; no inconsistencies or duplication; clear process for hearings and notices; new standards for rv parks; new standards for tiny houses; understandable and appropriate procedures for addressing non-conformities; optimum number of zoning districts; new streamlined platting procedures; comprehensive table of contemporary land uses; consistent treatment of land uses; realistic and achievable design and landscape standards; realistic and achievable general site development standards; understandable definitions for land dedications and fee calculations; new access permit procedures, new sign standards; and flexible standards for downtown development and mixed use areas.


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