Development Plan

2018-2019 APA Colorado
Development Plan & Work Program

The Development Plan (“Plan”) of the Colorado Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA Colorado) includes overarching goals, general strategies and specific action items to guide and direct the Chapter toward fulfillment of the organizational mission and vision. The Chapter's 5-Year Development Plan is supplemented with annual strategic action items.

The Development Plan is prepared by the President and/or President-Elect, in conjunction with the APA Colorado Board, to provide the framework priorities and initiatives defined by the incoming President. The Plan is adopted by the Board annually, and takes effect for a identified period beginning January 1st.

The 2018-2019 Development Plan & Work Program include these Strategies:

  • Lead

  • Communicate & Engage

  • Partner

  • Advocate

  • Inspire

  • Serve

Consistent with the APA Colorad Bylaws, goals pertaining to professional development and continuing education, legislative action, membership, communication, and other areas of concern are addressed. Periodically, the APA Colorado Board reviews the status of the approved goals and strategies to ensure that progress toward attainment is made. 

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2018-2019 Development Plan & Work Program (pdf)


Goal: APA Colorado will LEAD the planning movement in Colorado.                                                              

S-1       Be relevant, nimble, and out in front of issues and trends.

                No Actions set for this period  

S-2       Advance sustainable planning and other best practices.                                          

                No Actions set for this period                                  

S-3       Build capacity for planning at the local, district, and state-wide level.

                No Actions set for this period                                  

S-4       Nurture innovation and creativity in the profession.                                     

                No Actions set for this period                                  

S-5       Ensure CO APA is the go-to organization for planning information in Colorado.                  


DP-1      Improve the effectiveness of the Chapter's tools (website, email, newsletter, etc.).

A-1         Adopt a social media plan

A-2         Enhance, market and update the Planning Institute of Colorado (PIC) program and materials (potentially team with DRCOG or others).

Goal: APA Coloradowill COMMUNICATE AND ENGAGE to foster quality leadership and participation.                                                                


S-6       Promote planning successes.                                     

A-3      Highlight a planner of the month via email and/or website.

S-7       Foster increased volunteerism and activities within the profession.                                     


DP-2      Develop volunteer portal on webpage that lists all volunteer opportunities and committees, task forces etc.

A-4         Develop an "Engagement Plan" that acts as a "how-to" guide on how to get involved with CO APA including lists of activities, committees, and etc.  (for development by the Membership Committee)

A-5      Compile a list of people who volunteered and all committees. [URGENT BOARD TASK - Identify the top three tasks the Chapter or Committees wish to accomplish within the next 12 months and have those lists ready by the conference to provide to attendees]

A-6       Track number of volunteers and activities.  (RSVP from events; send emails to everyone who has attended a Chapter event)

S-8       Improve communication with members, partners, other state APA chapters and APA National

DP-3      Implement a (strategic) communications plan.

A-7       Develop a (strategic) communications plan. (Assign to the Board with assistance from the O&C Committee)

S-9       Build champions for planning among elected and volunteer leaders.                      

No Actions set for this period                                                                     


Goal: APA Colorado will PARTNER to leverage resources and build coalitions.

S-10     Enhance the depth and breadth of our partnerships.

                No Actions set for this period

S-11     Foster interdisciplinary approaches to address planning issues.                                           

                No Actions set for this period

S-12     Explore the establishment of a set of research priorities in collaboration with our funders and other partners.                                            

                No Actions set for this period

Goal: APA Colorado will ADVOCATE for planning, planning leaders and good government.


S-13     Assert and communicate the value and role of planning in community building.

                No Actions set for this period                                  

S-14     Strengthen our planning advocacy program at the state and local levels; and broaden the level of planning advocacy efforts.                                         

                No Actions set for this period                                   

S-15     Promote policies and practices that reinforce planning ideals and provide more planning tools at the state and local levels.                                    

                No Actions set for this period                                   

S-16     Advance the profession and our communities, think big, look forward, embrace change.  

                No Actions set for this period                                  

S-17     Promote the value of our professional credentials, particularly the AICP credentials.

                No Actions set for this period                                  

S-18     Advocate for diversity in the planning profession, and among appointed and elected officials, to reflect the population our members serve.

A-8       Establish a Diversity Committee.

Goal: CO APA will INSPIRE building great communities. 

S-19     Inspire planners to reach new heights of creativity, energy and innovation.

                No Actions set for this period                                  

S-20     Collaborate with our partners in the academic community to address the role of post-secondary education in shaping the future of the planning profession through effective training of planning professionals and research to advance planning objectives.

                No Actions set for this period

S-21     Develop early outreach programs to middle and high school students to teach them about the value of planning.

A-9      Support the Youth in Planning Committee to develop a toolkit of activities and materials for planners to bring into classrooms.

A-10      Co-Host a Planning Youth Summit

S-22     Raise awareness, respect and support among state and local leaders about the importance of planning and professional planners.                                         

A-11       Develop a "Great Places in Colorado" program.

A-12      Develop a Community Planner / Citizen Planner program.

A-13      Review and modify the Legislative Committee setup with possibly establishment of appointed positions and tasks (integrate with Bylaws update).

S-23     Instill in planners the highest standards of ethical behavior with a fundamental focus on the public interest.                                              

                No Actions set for this period                                     

S-24     Reach out to and inspire the public and other planning participants.


DP-4      Continue to participate and support the development of the Colorado Health Collaborative.

A-14      Co-Host events and participate in the development of governance documents for the Colorado Health Collaborative.                                   

S-25     Make our communications more narrative, specific, personal, and compelling, in order to become a leading inspiration in planning.

                No Actions set for this period

Goal: APA Colorado will SERVE its members.

S-27     Become more member-responsive and transparent.

                No Actions set for this period     

S-28     Implement sound growth and retention strategies for membership.

WP-5     Develop comprehensive membership strategy, inclusive of a 5-year financial strategy.

No Actions set for this period

S-29     Improve intergenerational engagement.                                          

                No Actions set for this period     

S-30     Provide career path support, as part of a pipeline from pre-graduation through employment, career development and retirement.

                No Actions set for this period     

S-31     Enhance the value of AICP and FAICP credentials.                                        

                No Actions set for this period     

S-32     Celebrate our volunteers and create opportunities for members to serve the profession and their communities. 

                No Actions set for this period     

S-33     Ensure the availability of high quality educational products and conferences for planners at all stages of their careers.         

                No Actions set for this period     

S-34     Ensure the long-term financial and operational health of CO APA.                                       

                A-15      Update and streamline the Chapter Bylaws.

S-36     Provide a robust program of leadership development and succession planning.     

                No Actions set for this period     

S-37     Ensure that the services we offer are of value to our members and are provided in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

                No Actions set for this period


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