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When Choice is Not Enough

In the past several years, our firm has been conducting housing market research and needs assessments in some of the highest cost areas of the U.S. (San Francisco, Austin, and Denver regions), as well as those with moderate housing costs. In each of these studies, as I’ve been working through our findings, one question has consistently nagged at me…
“Do vouchers (still) work?”

Doing More with Less

By Robin Kerns, AICP, LEED AP / April 23, 2018
Doing more with less. A sentiment that represents the paradox of our modern planning and governance landscape. With each passing year, planners and policy makers are forced to make difficult decisions trying to manage our built environments now and into the future.

You are not alone!

You are not alone! Take-away from Housing Colorado’s event, Land Use: Solutions for a Better Tomorrow
If your community is like mine, the planning department is busy discussing affordable housing solutions, increased density, and the dreaded word: INFILL. Oh, and let’s not forget about tiny homes, co-housing and micro-units! How do planners balance the need to densify urban centers and redevelop older areas in innovative ways with the sentiments of citizens that often do not take so kindly to infill and redevelopment?

Factory Construction in Homebuilding

Most homes in the United States are built onsite; the lumber, bricks, drywall, and flooring and roofing materials are transported to the home’s final location before construction begins. Although over the past century the production of some housing components, such as doors, windows, and cabinets, has moved almost universally to factories, for the most part, the homes themselves continue to be built onsite.

Shared Housing: Cooperatives as a Shared Housing Option

Crystal Launder and Sloane Walbert, AICP
Beginning in 2014, fast-rising rents and home prices in Boulder fueled a city-led communitywide housing conversation, Housing Boulder. As part of this conversation, cooperative housing was proposed as a tool to expand housing choice. Unlike elsewhere, the definition of cooperative housing in Boulder isn’t solely resident shareholders in a corporation that owns a building. It is a group living arrangement with consensus governance and shared responsibility and resources.

Presidents Message August 2018

by Michelle Stephens, AICP - Chapter President
What a busy spring and summer! Planners and our partners throughout the state have been busy. In fact, we have been so busy that we skipped our Q2 newsletter and are bringing you this combined Q2 and Q3 newsletter, focused on Creative Housing & Land Management.

Legislative Committee Update & Session Review August 2018

The 2018 Legislative Session, which convened in January, and adjourned in May, saw many bills introduced and debated. For APA CO, bills concerning infrastructure and transportation funding received the greatest focus. Please see the session summary below that was provided by Sol Malick, APA CO’s Legislative Liaison. As Sol describes, 2018 was as significant for the political wrangling, as it was for the bills introduced.

Youth In Planning Committee Update August 2018

by Wade Broadhead, AICP - Committee Chair

Outreach & Communications Committee Update August 2018

by Mehgie Tabor, AICP and Nick VanderKwaak, AICP - Committee Co-Chairs

APAS Committee Update August 2018

The CU Denver MURP program's new student orientation is August 17th and we are expecting a large cohort. At orientation, APAS will have a chance to introduce the organization, plug the conference, give a bike tour of RHINO, and host a happy hour. We are excited to have a lot fresh faces in our classes.



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