2014 APA Great Places Award - Denver's La Alma/Lincoln Park Neighborhood

American Planning Association names La Alma/Lincoln Park Neighborhood one of its “Great Places in America”

The American Planning Association (APA) named Denver’s La Alma/Lincoln Park neighborhood one of its “Great Places in America.” APA’s Great Places in America program annually honors 30 exemplary streets, neighborhoods and public spaces that add value to communities and foster economic growth.

La Alma/Lincoln Park is one of Denver’s oldest neighborhoods, dating back to the 1850s, with a strong sense of history and community. A mixed-use neighborhood just southwest of downtown, La Alma/Lincoln Park is known for its Hispanic and Latino heritage, variety of housing types, diverse land uses, historic treasures, transit, a strong job base, the Art District on Santa Fe, parks and greenways, and a broad range of cultural and public facilities.

La Alma/Lincoln Park was chosen for its unique and authentic characteristics – many of which have evolved from years of thoughtful, deliberate planning and preservation by residents, community leaders and city planners.

“What an honor! Denver is working hard to create livable communities. Healthy neighborhoods where we can walk, bike and play; where fresh foods are as accessible as jobs, healthcare and education. La Alma/Lincoln Park is a shining beacon of that work,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said. “Together, this area is becoming a strong and thriving neighborhood, and a great place to live, work or visit.”

In recent years neighbors and community leaders, nonprofit groups including NEWSED, Inc., and city planners have worked together to lift up the neighborhood. In 2010, neighbors and planners worked together on a neighborhood plan to set a vision for the future of La Alma/Lincoln Park. The light rail station at 10th and Osage opened the door for the Denver Housing Authority’s new Mariposa development — an innovative transit community built around improving community health. Most recently, the City of Denver restored and reopened the 1927 “Neighborhood House” at 1265 Mariposa St. to provide summer and after-school programs for area children.

“La Alma/Lincoln Park is a perfect example of what happens when a community is truly integrated into the planning process,” said Brad Buchanan, executive director of Denver Community Planning and Development. “The result is a new definition for a healthy community that is authentically of the place, the culture and the history of the neighborhood.”

La Alma/Lincoln Park is the fourth Denver neighborhood to make APA’s “Great Places” List. Greater Park Hill (2008), Lower Downtown (2010) and Washington Park (2012) have also been honored.

“Throughout Denver's history, residents of La Alma/Lincoln Park have always had a deep-seated pride and vision for their neighborhood, with their cultural richness at the soul of the built environment,” said Councilwoman Judy Montero. “It is fitting that their vision has been acknowledged.”

A few notable sites in La Alma/Lincoln Park:
· 10th and Osage light rail station
· DHA’s Mariposa development – 15 acres on the east side of the 10th & Osage station
· The Cherry Creek greenway and the South Platte River greenway
· The Neighborhood House – 1265 Mariposa St.
· The Art District on Santa Fe – Santa Fe Drive
· The Buckhorn Exchange – Denver’s oldest restaurant

The La Alma/Lincoln Park neighborhood is bounded by West Colfax Avenue on the north, Speer Boulevard on the east, West Sixth Avenue on the south, and the South Platte River on the west. 



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