APA Colorado Priorities: What does it Mean for Today and Tomorrow?

by  – Scott Bressler, AICP, Legislative Committee Co-Chair

Each fall, the APA Colorado Legislative Committee distributes a survey to the entire APA Colorado membership asking members to rank the issues that are most important in their individual communities throughout the state. These become a list of the most important issues or priorities impacting our communities. From the survey we identify our top 5 issues and develop a legislative priorities document that gets disseminated to all of our legislators. This does two things for APA Colorado. First, it introduces our organization and the things that we care about at the beginning of the legislative session to each of the Legislators around the state. Second, it provides our committee with an agenda to help us prioritize our time as we study bills that come up during the legislative session. Things often move very fast in the state legislature, so having this list helps us make decisions quickly about which bills to spend time evaluating and ultimately supporting or opposing.

From a longer term perspective, the Legislative Committee continues to expand APA Colorado’s role at the State Capitol as the experts on a variety of topics on the built environment. These topics include housing, land use, transportation, infrastructure, economic development, natural resources like water, and other topics related to Good Planning. Ultimately, these connections with Legislators will help APA Colorado gain more traction in becoming a regular stakeholder in legislation that is introduced. This gives us a seat at the table providing input before bills are introduced, answering questions about new legislation, and helping us to be able to answer media requests about the planning topics listed above. We are always looking for individuals who are well versed in a variety of planning topics to provide testimony or answer media requests.

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