Board Minutes 02-06-2015

APA Colorado Board Meeting Minutes
Friday February 6, 2015

Denver, CO
The meeting was called to order by President, Stan Clauson at 1:10 p.m.

Roll call:
Present: Stan Clauson, President; Susan Wood, Past President; Jessica Ibanez, VP External Affairs; Dylan Grabowski, VP of Communications; Libby Tart-Schoenfelder, Metro Representative; Erica Heller, Metro Representative; Tamra Allen, Central Mountain Representative; Russ Forrest, Southwest Representative; Seth Lorson, North Central Representative; Toby Stauffer, Northwest Representative; Carrie Makarewicz, Faculty Representative; Caeli Hill, Student Representative; Julio Iturreria, Western Planner Representative and Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Chair.

Absent Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer; Tareq Wafaie, Professional Development Officer; Paul Rosenberg, Public Official Representative; and Kit Rupe South Central Representative.

Staff: Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

1. Opening Remarks – Stan Clauson, President

Stan welcomed those in attendance and noted that a few members would be arriving late. He introduced Mr. Preston and asked him to being his presentation.

a. Welcome and Presentation by Bob Preston, HDR Marketing Manager
Mr. Preston did a short presentation on HDR.

2. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer

a. January 2015 Minutes
Shelia introduced the January minutes and asked for any additions or changes. Hearing none, Stan asked for a motion. Julio noted that it was brought to his attention that he is not a voting member and therefore cannot make a motion. Stan acknowledge that he had realized this and informed Julio of the Bylaws language. He stated that all previous motions and votes would stand and not be affected, but no voting would be allowed going forward.

Motion by Toby to approve the January minutes.
Second by Stan
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. January 2015 Financial Report
Shelia summarized the January financial report noting the total current assets total $138,301.23. The Chapter had a net income of $11,972.84 in January after receiving the 2014 4th quarter membership rebate from APA.

Motion by Susan to approve the January financial report.
Second by Russ
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

Shelia then reviewed the conference sponsorship commitments to date. Thus far, $11,000 has been committed with just under $4000 paid. Susan asked what the sponsorship budgeted goal was and Shelia replied that it was set at $20,000. Shelia then stated that the sponsorship list had been distributed to the Board and she asked each Board member to choose a minimum of five organizations to contact.

3. Chapter Administrator Report – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

a. Steamboat Springs
Shelia informed the Board that the conference theme had been selected. The Local Host Committee selected – “Character and Community in Colorado: From Metro to Resort.” She also stated that the call for sessions and Chapter Award nominations have been distributed to members. There call for sessions includes an option to submit for a “water” tract. The LHC will begin working on keynote speakers, mobile tours, and social venues.

b. Transportation Symposium
Shelia then highlighted the current planning status of the Transportation Symposium. She informed the Board that the Colorado Convention Center had bumped the group out of the original space but after negotiating a reduced fee, a new area has been booked. The call for speakers for the symposium has gone out and the program has been changed slightly to include only one Keynote/Panel discussion and four breakout rooms instead of three. Mobile tours may also be added this year.

c. Other
Shelia stated the FEMA has agreed to offer the Planning Resilient Communities workshop to all the area representatives. She noted they are currently working with Libby and held it in Glenwood Springs with Tamra last fall. She said any representatives interested in hosting the event would need to contact her.

4. Old Business -

a. Financial & Travel Policies - Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer
Shelia noted that two versions of the policies had been posted on the website. The first being a redline showing the requested changes and the second being the final clean version. Shelia stated that all the requested changes had been incorporated into the document.

Motion by Russ to approve the Financial Policies.
Second by Susan
Discussion: none
Vote: Unanimous

b. Area Representatives Map – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Shelia summarized the current status of the Area Representative map, noting that the item had been tabled at the previous meeting. Russ said he sent the map to his members and asked for comments. He said he received eight back supporting the proposed changes and one from the Telluride area opposed to the change. Shelia asked about other recommended changes from the membership. The first she noted was changing Boulder to the Denver Metro area. Erica said the Metro Representatives would welcome Boulder but since the Metro area is already the largest in number it might make things more askew. Libby agreed. Seth felt that Boulder would be better served by the Metro area because of the tie to the RTD boundary. He also noted that no one from Boulder comes to the North Central Area events.

Stan felt the Board should move forward with only the changes already made to the map and not consider other proposals at this time.

Motion by Stan to move forward with the 2010 Area Map revisions as drafted in 2010, with no additional revisions to the 2010 map and directing staff to prepare the matter for a vote by APA Colorado members.
Second by Seth
Discussion: Seth stated he would start polling his members regarding moving Boulder to the Metro Area boundary.
Vote: Unanimous

5. New Business

a. Conference Speaker Registration Policies – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Shelia stated that she would like to have a small committee review speaker registration policies and potential speaker registration discounts. She stated that every year she gets questions if speakers are given free registrations, discounted registrations or if they are required to register at all. She also discussed that the lack of a clear policy is difficult to enforce. Susan said that there have been policies in place. She said that APA members who speak do have to register. If a speaker is not a planner, than they can come to the conference, speak then leave. She agreed that they are not currently written policies but they were the policies in place when she took over office. She noted the conference is our money maker and the Chapter follows the same policies at APA National. Eric said it seems like the effort was more to put the policies in writing than to draft new ones. Erica noted the registration requirement is not exclusive to our organization. Stan noted there is support for the policies but no committee would be needed. He directed Susan and Shelia to get together to put the policies in place.

Motion by Erica that Shelia and Susan draft the policies and bring them back to the Board for review.
Second by Jessica
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. 2017 Conference
Shelia recommended that the item be tabled to the next meeting in order to allow Estes Park additional time to provide information. Shelia summarized that both Estes Park and Telluride would need to use convention facilities instead of hotel facilities because the conference room requirements and space were so large. Telluride had submitted their revised proposal but Estes Park was still working on theirs. Shelia informed the Board of the $20 increase in room rates between September and October dates. Susan reminded the Board that the conference timing with the APA’s Federal Policy Briefing has always been an issue and it would be nice to allow sometime between the two events for the President. Eric felt the $20 increase would be worth the cost. In general, he was favorable to having the event in Telluride because it is a unique part of the state. Susan said that the conference did well in Crested Butte. Russ commented that off-season/shoulder rates are cheaper because the mountain towns close down but the $20 increase might not go over well with the membership, or they might not care.

Shelia then informed the Board that she and Stan had received a request from APA New Mexico to do a joint 4-Corners conference in 2017 or 2018. She said she and Stan considered locations and thought the only two locations that would fit a 4-Corner’s conference would be Telluride or Denver. Jessica inquired who would be considered the 4-Corners and Stan replied it could be Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and possibly Western Planner. Eric thought it would be a good idea to have it in Telluride. Erica said having the conference in Denver might meet the desire to host a conference in that location, but Telluride was more fitting. Shelia said she would have Conference Direct review all the options and report back in March.

Motion by Erica to continue the item to the March Board meeting agenda.
Second by Libby
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

c. Participation/Support for Reception for New CDOT Executive Director, Shailen Bhatt – Susan Wood, Past President
Susan said that she had been approached by WTS to see if APA Colorado would be interested in co-hosting a joint reception for the new CDOT Executive Director, Shailen Bhatt. The reception is proposed for March. WTS is not currently asking for any money, just marketing and they will be asking other Transportation Symposium organizations to participate as well. Susan summarized that the Board was supportive of a non-financial sponsorship of the event.

Motion by Seth approving non-financial participation with WTS in a joint reception for the new CDOT Executive Director.
Second by Toby
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

6. Committee Updates:

a. APAS Student Committee – Caeli Hill, Student Representative
Caeli said she will be advertising for job shadowing hosts. She had seven hosts thus far. The students will begin applying after the host application closes on March 6th. She also said she attended the DCI City Building forum and said there will be three more. The group will prepare a paper at the end.

b. Ballot Committee – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
No report.

c. CPC Grant Project Committee – Stan Clauson
Stan said the group will be finalizing the RFP and it will be distributed in a week. The committee is working with UIS to ensure the proper specifications are included in the document. The RFP allows one month for responses.

d. Emerging Planning Professional – Sarah Davis, Committee Chair
Sarah informed the Board that she and Melanie Sloane have been meeting with other emerging planners groups to talk about what is working, operating policies, etc. She noted that the Colorado EPP group does more events and skill building. They will be meeting with Florida, Texas, and California next. She then told the Board that there had been an opportunity to work with the Texas Chapter on a joint grant but after much discussion both groups decided not to pursue it. They are hoping instead to put forward a proposal to Monica Groh to build an online platform as a way to share information and create an EPP community. One idea was to have planners exchange between states where they could host an EPP member and do tours, meetings, etc. and another idea was to do webinars. Sarah then mentioned the upcoming documentary film event on February 19th and future firm tours of WalkDenver, PUMA, Clarion and others. EPPs goal is to have two events a month.

Shelia suggested the EPP submit on their own for a grant and Susan noted that it was too late for the current year but they should consider it for next year.

e. Healthy Communities Initiative Committee – Erica Heller
Erica said the Chapter should hear back in February if they received the grant. The committee will be meeting in February to set a committee direction after the grant is over.

f. Legislative Committee - Eric Heil, Co-chair
Eric said the committee had their first meeting in January. He said there would definitely be water bills, one TIFF bill from Colorado Municipal League and a TIFF reform bill expected from CCI. He stated he hoped to put language in both TIFF bills requiring a study. Other bills gaining traction are one on construction defects and another that prohibits the use of eminent domain for public space.

g. Outreach & Communications Committee – Dylan Grabowski and Jessica Ibanez, Committee Co-Chairs
Jessica said the committee is updating their work plan. They will be working to help with the transition from Dylan to TJ. The Board all thanked Dylan for his hard work and for agreeing to finish the newsletter before his final departure.

h. PIC Review Committee, Eric Heil
Eric stated that the PIC Board had met and appointed a Board of Directors. The Board is reviewing old records to understand the status of contracts. He noted the organization is operating on its own and still bringing in money. He noted that an actual contract between APA Colorado and PIC was not found and he plans to draft one and bring it back to both boards for consideration. The PIC Board will also be looking at updating the current courses and expanding beyond the current real estate focus.

i. Professional Development Committee – Tareq Wafaie, Committee Chair
Shelia said the committee had an initial meeting and will be gearing up to review the session submittals in March.

j. Strategic Plan Update Committee – Stan Clauson, Committee Chair
Stan said he would be convening the committee in February to review the draft.

k. Sustainability Committee - Erica Heller, Board Liaison
Libby said the committee is still discussing what kind of events they will be holding and some will be right before or after the monthly meetings. The next meeting is scheduled for March 3rd at 8:30 am at the DOLA offices.

7. Board Member Updates:
Julio said he had completed a first draft of the partnership agreement with Western Planner and will present it to WP at their next meeting. He then said in the Western Planner conference has been scheduled for July/August in Laramie, WY. The conference is moving from September to the summer. Shelia asked if he had an update on the number of subscribers from Colorado based on the recent marketing by APA Colorado. He said he did not.

Susan said the CPC Executive Committee met in San Antonio and they would like to come to Denver. She noted that at the Texas meeting, an APA Texas representative came to the meeting, welcomed them, and brought a small gift. She then said they were told at some point each Chapter will get a dedicated conference call number.

Stan then informed the Board that Shelia’s laptop had died and a new one needs to include a webcam and microphone. He said he wanted the Chapter to continue moving forward with teleconferencing options to get better participation.

8. Other Business – None

Meeting ended at 2:44 p.m.
Motion by Eric to adjourn.
Second by Libby.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous



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