Board Minutes 03-06-2015

APA Colorado Board Meeting Minutes
Friday March 6, 2015

Boulder County Land Use
Boulder, CO
The meeting was called to order by President, Stan Clauson at 1:04 p.m.

Roll call:
Present: Stan Clauson, President; Susan Wood, Past President; Jessica Ibanez, VP External Affairs; TJ Dlubac, VP of Communications; Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer; Tareq Wafaie, Professional Development Officer; Libby Tart-Schoenfelder, Metro Representative; Erica Heller, Metro Representative; Tamra Allen, Central Mountain Representative; Russ Forrest, Southwest Representative; Seth Lorson, North Central Representative; Toby Stauffer, Northwest Representative; Paul Rosenberg, Public Official Representative; Carrie Makarewicz, Faculty Representative; and Caeli Hill, Student Representative 

AbsentKit Rupe South Central Representative, Julio Iturreria, Western Planner Representative and Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Chair

Staff: Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

1. Opening Remarks – Stan Clauson, President

Stan stated that it was very unfortunate at the last meeting that people arrived late, and he plans to address the meeting time issue later during this meeting. He apologized for interrupting the presentation at that meeting, but said it was difficult for those who were not there because they couldn’t see the graphics. He concluded that all the issues related to that meeting’s problems were a culmination of several things. Moving on, he said that there was good progress on getting ready for the conference in the fall and he is looking forward to seeing how many session proposals we receive.

2. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer

a. February 2015 Minutes
Joni introduced the minutes and asked for comments and corrections. With none being offered, Stan asked for a motion.

Motion by Jessica to approve the February minutes.
Second by Tamra
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. February 2015 Financial Report
Joni introduced the February financial report. The Chapter’s net income for February was $11,972.84. Total income was $16,755.80 with expenses totaling $4,782.96. She asked for questions. Jessica asked about fronting money for the Transportation Symposium and Shelia said her goal was to pay the bills with Symposium funds if possible, but that the Chapter may need to front money if registration fees run behind bills. Hearing no more questions or comments, Stan asked for a motion.

Motion by Paul to approve the February financial report.
Second by Toby
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

3. Chapter Administrator Report – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

a. Steamboat Springs
Shelia discussed the newly designed logos and the number of sessions that were submitted to date. Shelia said there were 31 as of meeting time and Tareq offered to extend the deadline to Monday at noon to hopefully generate more submittals. Stan asked for a motion to extend.
Tamra made a motion to extend to Monday at noon.

Motion by Tamra to extend the session proposal submittal deadline to Monday at noon.
Second by Joni
Discussion: Paul recommended modifying the motion to move the deadline to Tuesday in order to allow more time to publicize the extension. Tareq asked about the timeline and how extending the deadline would affect the conference planning. Shelia replied that the key deadline is having the preliminary program ready by the first of June in order to get registration online. Tareq asked that the motion be amended to extend the deadline to Friday, March 13th. Erica said it does seem like the Chapter is in a pattern of extending and people expect it each year. She offered that the extension should be offered because of that and because we don’t seemed to have a robust number of submittals to date. She offered that the Chapter consider not extending it next year with proper notification/publication.
Vote: Unanimous

b. Transportation Symposium
Shelia summarized the planning that has been done to date. The venue is booked, the preliminary catering order and audiovisual order have been placed. The team is working on reviewing the speaker proposals and finalizing the keynote speakers. A mobile tour has been added this year. The program schedule has changed some to delete the morning speaker panel and replace it with another breakout session.

c. Other
Stan asked who would be attending the National conference in Seattle besides himself, Susan, Shelia and Tareq. Erica, Sarah, and Tamra will be attending.

4. Old Business

a. 2017 Conference – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Shelia highlighted the proposals from Estes Park and Telluride for the 2017 Chapter Conference and possible 4-Corners conference. She summarized the options to the Board. Estes Park can only be considered for a Chapter only conference due to size. Telluride could handle both. She noted that based on travel for New Mexico members and conference space, the only other option for a 4-Corners conference would be Denver. The options provided were: a) Estes Park 2017 Chapter only conference; b) Telluride 2017 Chapter only conference or c) 2017 Estes Park Chapter Only and 2018 Telluride/Denver 4-Corners. Shelia informed the Board that she had spoken with a representative from the Telluride resort and they assured here that Telluride restaurants will be open the first weekend of October, both on the mountain and in town. Erica said the Chapter should try for the 4-corners conference in Denver. Susan asked what the Denver issue had been in the past and is there any idea how many attended the last conference. Shelia replied that she and Conference Direct had started investigating that as well as other 4-corners conference planning issues. Paul stated that maybe the Denver conference should be more expensive (registration fee) to help off-set the higher costs. Susan said the trains might be in place by 2018 too.

Motion by Jessica to move forward with the 2017 conference contract with Estes Park and to explore Telluride and Denver for a possible 4-Corners conference in 2018.
Second by Susan
Discussion: Joni stated that the Chapter needs to ensure that the 4-Corners compensation is more equitable for APA Colorado in the next conference.
Vote: Unanimous

b. Meeting Start Times – Stan Clauson, President
Stan stated that he had requested to have this issue placed back on the agenda. He stated that he was sorry he hadn’t considered the implications of a 1:00 start time more realistically the last time around. He noted that the 1:00 start time doesn’t work and it doesn’t allow for timely meeting arrivals if you try to have lunch before. He agreed, that it does enable area representatives from further out to get back more quickly, but if we want to have any kind of happy hour there is a lot of down time between 3:00 and 5:00. The 1:00 time frame also doesn’t allow for a presentation by the host without making the meeting run later. He stated that he is recommending the start time revert back to 2:00 p.m., noting that at this meeting there were again late arrivals.

Motion by Paul to revert to the 2:00 p.m. meeting start time.
Second by Susan
Discussion: Seth said he agrees with the change. Stan addressed Russ since it was his request. Russ noted that he liked the 1:00 start time but was not opposed to going back. Tamra said she strongly prefers the 1:00 but she would still attend with the 2:00 start time.
Vote: 14 voting in favor, 1 opposed (Tamra in opposition)

c. Conference Speaker Registration Policies – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Shelia reviewed the draft policies. She noted the policies required all APA and APA Colorado members and allied professionals to register. The policies set up some exemptions for elected officials and those not allied to the planning field such as teachers, doctors, etc. Susan then informed the Board of what the policy was when she took over the Presidency position. She noted the APA and APA Colorado members were required to register. All other speakers were only required to register if they planned to attend any of the conference sessions or events. The Board asked if there had been members in the past who did not register and Shelia said yes. They also inquired if and how speakers were notified that being chose to speak required registration. Shelia said she had found a letter/email from Denise for previous notifications of the registration requirement when speakers were notified that their session was selected. Shelia noted that the reason she is asking for the policy to be in writing is because there have been issues every year related to this.

Shelia took each item individually, asking for the Board to provide guidance. The following are the policies that will be put into the document and brought back for final Board approval: a) all APA and APA Colorado members who are chosen to speak are required to register; b) all non members are not required to register unless they plan to attend a session or event; c) the Chapter Administrator is authorized to enforce the policy; d) speakers will be required to register within at least 6 weeks prior to the registration deadline; e) speakers that have not registered (after numerous notifications of pending deadline) will be pulled from the program; f) the Chapter Administrator and Professional Development Officer will find alternative sessions/speakers to fill the slots; g) for multi-speaker sessions, only the speaker who has not registered will be pulled; however all the speakers will be notified of the issue; h) in the email to the selected speakers for 2015 and all future years, there will be a statement of the policy and the speakers will be required to acknowledge that they understand the registration requirement; h) on the 2016 and all future session proposal forms, there will be a statement of the policy and a “check box” that the applicant must complete acknowledging the registration requirement; i) any exemptions to the policy may be granted by the President on a case-by-case basis.

Shelia then reviewed the idea of establishing a speaker fund/scholarship in the future. There was a consensus from the Board that establishing a fund would be onerous on staff and the Board. They also noted that when recession hits, it hits the entire industry which would make it difficult to pick one or two individuals to assist.

Shelia then reviewed the idea of a reduced registration rate. Erica suggested following National APA’s speaker registration offering which is basically the early bird rate. National also states that a speaker is not placed in the program until he/she registers. Most noted that the Chapter conference rates are very reasonable and that it doesn’t’ make sense to reduce them further for speakers. Russ asked if reducing the speaker fees would really encourage more speakers and Susan replied that she did not believe the registration fee was a deterrent at this time.

Shelia then mentioned offering a reduced registration rate to the Board. Shelia offered that it was a way to thank the Board for their many hours of volunteer work and to help ensure as many Board members as possible are able to make the conference. Erica noted that most private sector Board members have their registration covered by their company and that their company looks at their service and attendance as a way to promote their business. Erica asked if the public sector Board members had thoughts on it. Libby referenced the Rocky Mountain Land Use conference special where you register four people and get one free. Erica concluded that either way, a Board member or speaker is putting in some effort. However, if a Board member is not putting in more than a speaker and if we don’t decrease speaker’s registration, then we should not decrease the Boards. Stan added that from a Board service perspective, you are expected to give to the organization, not take from it. The Board consensus was not to offer a reduced rate for Board Members.

The Board directed Shelia and Susan to redraft the policies to meet the discussed policies and to bring the document back for final approval.

5. New Business

a. APA Colorado Metro Area FEMA Workshop – Libby Tart-Schoenfelder, Metro Area Representative
Libby summarized her request. FEMA is working with her to host a workshop in May. Aurora is providing a free room at their City offices. The workshop will be approximately three hours long but FEMA doesn’t have a budget to cover any of the expenses such as document copies, food, etc. The plan is to charge a small fee to help cover the cost of breakfast for a morning session and any ancillary costs of materials such as cds, handouts, etc. Joni said she went to the FEMA workshop when it was in Evans and that it was a good workshop and she had to pay a nominal fee. Libby noted that the request before the Board was for $200 but the expenses might be less based on registration numbers. The workshop will be held on May 13th from 8:30 – 11:30 a.m. and limited to 20-25 people. Registration will be around $10 per person. Paul asked if the event will produce an income and Libby replied that she wasn’t sure at this point but was at least hoping to cover the expenses.

Motion by Erica to approve the $200 expenditure on the event as proposed.
Second by Joni
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. National Conference Delegates – Stan Clauson, President
Stan stated that Colorado is granted three delegates for the Delegate Assembly at the National conference. He stated that typically there are important questions at the assembly, as to how to proceed on a policy matter and a vote is taken. Susan said there are typically one or two policy guides going forward. This year the Sustainability Policy Guide will be coming before the group and there will be lively discussion as it was controversial in the past. Stan said you don’t have to be a Board member to be a delegate, but he would like to offer it to Board members first. He asked if anyone would be interested and Erica said yes. Toby recommended that one spot be left open for a non-Board member within the Chapter. Susan said there are often conflicts with the CPC meeting so the Chapter President usually cannot attend. Tamra said she was attending but does not want to be a delegate. Seth is not attending but his director and others are and he could approach them if needed. Paul said he was interested and wants to check the Planning Commission track to ensure no conflicts. Toby said that the Chapter should reach out to the membership for the opportunity. Libby asked if Anne Miller would automatically be there because she helped craft the Sustainability Policy Guide and Susan confirmed that she would but she would be a part of the presentation. Libby asked if Anne was a delegate but presenting the policy, would she be allowed to vote. Susan replied that it would be odd and Anne might not be allowed or feel comfortable voting on it. Stan summarized that there has been interest expressed by Erica and Paul and those two will take two of the three slots. Shelia will advertise the remaining slot to the membership based on registration.

Motion by Toby to approve Erica and Paul as delegates and to solicit Chapter membership for the third and final slot.
2nd by Russ
Discussion – None
Vote - Unanimous

6. Committee Updates:

a. APAS Student Committee – Caeli Hill, Student Representative
Caeli said that today was the last day to apply as a host for the job shadowing program. To date, 16 hosts have been accepted representing both the public and private sector as well as non-profits. There is a good mix of city, county, and private firms from all over the state. She highlighted the upcoming events.

b. CPC Grant Project Committee – Stan Clauson, President
Stan said the process is advancing and that the RFP is on the website with a deadline of March 31st. He hopes to get at least one proposal and then move forward with the project.

c. Emerging Planning Professional – Sarah Davis, Committee Chair
Sarah said they are working right now on a partnership with DCI and an innovation event in June. They hope to structure a more official partnership and volunteering descriptions. EPP is also working with Monic Groh to meet with other EPP groups from around the country. They would like to create a LinkedIn page under APA National one for all leaders of EPP groups to share lessons learned, content, etc. They are also working on a possible webinar series. The Sketch Up workshop is planned and they hope to make it their first webinar. She then relayed that the Walk Denver firm tour and the documentary night were both well attended. The next firm tour is at the PUMA offices in May. There may be a trivia night in April. Shelia asked if events were open to everyone and Sarah replied that in general they are.

d. Healthy Communities Initiative Committee – Erica Heller
Erica informed the Board that neither of the grant applications from Colorado was accepted but that there is an opportunity to submit for feedback. The feedback would be useful if there will be another opportunity in future years. The newly formed committee met to discuss their future path and to create a direction for the group. They asked what Colorado has to offer to healthy planning and healthy communities. She noted that childhood obesity is a topic and that a lot of thought and efforts are going into that. There is also a lot happening in the state regarding cutting edge stuff on the health and the built environment. Chris Smith, Colorado Health Foundation is still very interested in a co-award program with the Chapter. She said Kaiser Permanent would like to partner with us as well and that she said she encouraged both of them to submit a session. She concluded that they want to build the committee platform before they open it up to others.

e. Legislative Committee - Eric Heil, Co-chair
Susan said there are a lot of bills and noted that the next meeting was scheduled for the following Monday at 6:00 p.m. She noted that the biggest issue the committee is following is the TIFF bills. There was a bill dropped some time ago and it is making its way through the process. The bill is championed by CML and the cities, which probably means CCI is or will oppose it. The CML Bill is making its way through committees and is being successful. CCI will introduce its own bill and it is expected to be more extensive than the CML bill.

There hasn’t been any planning for Planner’s Day on the Hill but there is still time to do it. It’s been successful over the last few years. One thought is if EPP would be interested in working with the committee on this. Susan will talk to Eric about it. The event draws great attention to the legislative process and why it’s important to planners.

f. Outreach & Communications Committee – Dylan Grabowski and Jessica Ibanez, Committee Co-Chairs
Stan thanked Jessica for her work on the RFP. Jessica said the newsletter will be going out soon. Stan thanked TJ for coming back to the Board.

g. PIC Board, Eric Heil, President
Stan said the PIC Board did not meet due to scheduling but Joni and Shelia have been unearthing more materials and getting a better understanding of the organizations. The Board is fitting pieces together.

h. Professional Development Committee – Tareq Wafaie, Committee Chair
Tareq announced that the deadline for the session submittals was extended. He reviewed the final selection process and the tentative date for April to finalize the selections. He then said he was working to finalize the AICP exam preparation class.

Erica talked about the Ethics session event and the reason it was canceled. She noted there were multiple online opportunities to meet the Ethics requirement and the registration of 17 didn’t meet the required 24 attendee threshold. Shelia noted that she had received feedback that people are tired of having to do webinars and would like to have in person trainings. Stan asked if they would be doing the ethics play again at the conference and Tareq said they would not be introducing the same session next year. Paul noted that at national they offer ethics for planning commissioners.

i. Strategic Plan Update Committee – Stan Clauson, Committee Chair
No comment.

j. Sustainability Committee - Erica Heller, Board Liaison
Libby said they will be submitting a session for the fall conference. They are hoping to coordinate with the APAS suitability group and are looking at quarterly trainings still. Their next meeting is scheduled for March 17th at 8:30 a.m.

7. Board Member Updates

a. November Board Meeting & Event – Libby Tart-Schoenfelder, Metro Area Representative
Aurora will host the November board meeting and Libby asked the Board for feedback on a possible post meeting event. She noted there were some interesting microbrewery developments in Aurora and that they amended their code to address them. She offered to do a tour of Dry Dock and an explanation of how they came about after the Board meeting. Shelia and Libby had discussed opening the experience as a joint Chapter/Metro event following the board meeting. Libby reached out to Dry Dock and they are on board for whatever we want to do. They can cater food but they don’t do food production onsite. Libby and Shelia also noted there was potential for CM credits. Paul said he had been to an event there and the owner did a good job. The consensus was that the Board liked the idea and Shelia and Libby will pursue organizing the event.

Susan said the Legislative and Policy Committee is doing a push to elevate the value of planning and for planning to be more readily understood. They would like to have planners and planning to have a greater representation at the legislative level. She offered that in Colorado we have a legislative committee and at the National level, they want to start a grass roots level to get members involved. They want members at the Chapter level to be aware of the issues and what is going one.

Russ informed the Board that he had asked his constituency what topics they were interested in learning more about and their response was how we are regulating marijuana. Planners are often on the front of this issue. He asked if we’ve done any educational opportunities and Shelia noted the mobile tours at Crested Butte. Tareq thanked him for that feedback and noted that he would see what is offered in the session submittals. Shelia stated that if it wasn’t at the conference it could be addressed at the area level.

Joni said she attended a lunch time staff meeting with a presentation on building materials by Jessica. She said her staff enjoyed the practical basics and she thanked her for the presentation.

8. Other Business – None

Meeting ended at 4:40 p.m.

Motion by Tareq to adjourn.
Second by Erica.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous



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