Board Minutes 05-01-2015

APA Colorado Board Meeting Minutes
Friday May 1, 2015

City of Fort Collins
Fort Collins, CO

The meeting began at 2:05 p.m. without a quorum. President, Stan Clauson called the meeting to order at 2:21 with a quorum.

Roll call:
Present: Stan Clauson, President; Susan Wood, Past President; Jessica Ibanez, VP External Affairs; TJ Dlubac, VP of Communications; Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer; Tareq Wafaie, Professional Development Officer; Paul Rosenberg, Public Official Representative; Libby Tart-Schoenfelder, Metro Representative; Erica Heller, Metro Representative; Tamra Allen, Central Mountain Representative; Russ Forrest, Southwest Representative; Seth Lorson, North Central Representative; Toby Stauffer, Northwest Representative; Carrie Makarewicz, Faculty Representative; Caeli Hill, Student Representative; and Julio Iturreria, Western Planner Representative.

Absent:  Sarah R. Davis, EPP Representative; Carrie Makarewica, Faculty Representative; Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Chair and Kit Rupe South Central Representative.

Guests: Jeff Mihelich, Deputy City Manager, City of Fort Collins and David McWilliams, 2015-16 APAS Student Representative

Staff: Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

1. Opening Remarks – Stan Clauson, President

a. Welcome and Presentation – Jeff Mihelich, Fort Collins Deputy City Manager
Stan welcomed everyone and introduced Jeff Mihelich, Deputy City Manager for Fort Collins. Mr. Mihelich welcomed the Board and talked about Fort Collins and important planning issues.

Stan noted that a quorum was in place and called the meeting to order. He stated that the National Conference was fantastic with over 6,500 planners attending. With this attendance came issues with overcrowded session rooms but the event overall was great. He asked Shelia how many attended the 3-Corners’ reception and Shelia replied 95 in total.

b. APA Fall Policy Briefing Substitute
Stan then discussed the email he received for the Fall Policy Briefing. He will not be able to attend as the Briefing falls on the same weekend as his son’s wedding. He asked if anyone would be willing to go in his place. Susan said she would be going again this year to fulfill her position with the Chapter President’s Council and noted that in 2014 neither Stan nor Eric were able to attend. Stan mentioned that Eric may not be able to attend this year either. Stan said a substitute would be expected to report back to the Board. Shelia noted there might be potential for two substitutes to attend if both the President and Legislative Chair were not able to. Jessica said she would look into it and see if she could make it work. TJ said he might be able to as well. Seth he would be willing if the other two were not able to do it.

Stan then moved on to state that 2015 thus far has been a very productive time for The Chapter. The Chapter has moved ahead with the PlanTool grant and other initiatives. He then mentioned the ballot for the area representative changes. Shelia stated the over 100 had voted thus far and thus far the overall consensus was supportive of the changes. She then stated that a few had reached out to here stating they did not receive the ballot. She can provide a direct link to it and will do so for those who do not get the email or those who have opted out of Survey Monkey.

2. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer

a. April 2015 Minutes
Joni asked for comments corrections. Julio stated he was at the meeting and needs to be added to the attendee list. Jessica said the location in the title needs to be corrected to Westminster and not Boulder.

Motion by TJ to approve the April minutes with corrections as noted.
Second by Libby
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. April 2015 Financial Report
Joni introduced the April financial report. Net income of $10,800.89 dollars. The bulk of the monthly income was from membership rebate and the Transportation Symposium. Expenses totaled $16,188.06 most being for the Symposium. The current balance in the Chapter’s checking and savings is $172,353.94 with $88,234.02 in savings and $84,119.92 in checking. Per the financial policies and discussions at the April meeting, $35,000 was moved from checking to savings.

Motion by Russ to approve the April Financial report.
Second by Seth
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

3. Chapter Administrator Report – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

a. June Board Meeting
Shelia said the next meeting will be in Steamboat Springs June 5th. The link for hotel registration will be emailed out to the Board for them to book their rooms individually. She asked the Board to let her know if they were attending in person so she would have a head count for the meeting space. The plan for the day is to tour the facility before the meeting around 1:00 p.m., meeting from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. then with the local host committee at the end of the meeting followed by a happy hour.

b. Steamboat Springs conference
Shelia said that all those who were selected to speak have been notified with all but 2 or 3 having confirmed their participation. The next step is to assign the specific speaker slots and get those out to the speakers the week of May 4th. Those who were not selected will be notified the same week. They will be given options to submit as a webcast or to place their session on a list for the area representatives to utilize when planning area CM events.
She then said that the keynotes had not yet been selected and she would be doing that in the next two weeks so she could finalize the program. Stan asked about the proposed stepped increase in registration fees. Shelia said the idea was to present a true early bird rate for two/three weeks. Then registration would increase to the regular rate until online registration closed. After that, late registration would be in place up to the last day of the conference. She said she had checked with APA National if this stepped fee increase could be accommodated on their new website and they said they could do up to three date-based increases. Stan and Susan inquired why the increase was considered, and Shelia responded that it worked well with the Transportation Symposium and it was in keeping with the way APA national handles their conference registration. She said it also truly allows speakers to get an “early bird” rate which is also in keeping with APA’s policy. Shelia asked the Board if that would be something they would consider and they consensus was that it was a good idea. Shelia will work with Joni to outline a fee structure and bring it to the Board in June for consideration.

c. Transportation Symposium
Shelia noted the event had record attendance and anticipates $2,500 per organization for scholarships after all the expenses have been paid. She noted that this year the group will be paying the deposit for the 2016 event out of the proceeds of the 2015 event. This will be the plan moving forward. She informed the Board that ITE will be taking the lead in 2016.

d. National Reception
Shelia repeated that the attendance for the event was around 95 with 31 from New Mexico, 14 from Utah and 50 from Colorado. She will be finalizing the financials and sending invoices to APA New Mexico and APA Utah this month. The event will come in under budget.

e. Other
Shelia said she and Kelly Beudouin, Conference Direct will be touring the Estes Park conference facilities on May 14th. She and Kelly have some concerns with the size of the facility and the ability for their staff to turn over rooms in a timely manner. She will report back to the Board at the June meeting.

4. Old Business - None

5. New Business

a. CPC Grant Contract – Jessica Ibanez, VP External Affairs
Jessica reminded the Board of the history of the project. She said the CPC grant is for $4,000 and the Chapter designated $2,000 for it for a total budget of $6,000. The committee reviewed the responses to the RFP and are recommending the UIS contract. She reviewed the contract with the Board, noting the $75 hosting line item. She said the hosting fee would be an annual expense of $900 or the fee would be waived and replaced with a sponsorship package. The second item she highlighted was the transferability to other chapters. The mapping program would be offered at a lower cost to other Chapters. The committee is asking for approval of the contract so they can move forward with the project. Susan said she had a few questions and began by asking about UIS and their offer to do the program for free last year. Jessica said that yes, UIS had offered to do it for free last fall but the Board wasn’t comfortable with their offer and the advertising on the page. The Board liked the project and decided to seek a grant to make it possible. Jessica closed discussion by stating that if the contract is approved, the project will be on track with the CPC grant time table.

Motion by Susan to approve the contract
Second by Libby
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous (Stan abstained)

Shelia asked the Board for input on the $900 cash payment for hosting versus offering a sponsorship package in lieu of the cash payment. Joni said she preferred to have it paid in cash this year and then look at sponsorship alternatives next year. Susan asked if the website would be done by the conference and Jessica confirmed it would be. Stan said it might make sense to have UIS at the conferee to present it at an exhibitor table and Susan offered that it might be nice to have them present it at the annual board meeting. Stan recommended that Shelia be given the latitude to work something out with Jessica’s input. The consensus was to look at sponsorship package that UIS would like and if not, then this year we pay the hosting fee in cash.

6. Committee Updates:

a. APAS Student Committee – Caeli Hill, Student Representative
APAS held their elections yesterday and David McWilliams elected as the new Student Representative. David is pursuing a dual masters in planning and public administration. Everyone welcomed him to the Board. Caeli then said she was wrapping up the job shadow program. Acceptance emails have been sent out to students and they will now be setting up their own schedules. She said there was low participation on the students’ side this year so she plans on doing a survey at the end seeking feedback. Survey results will be sent to hosts from this year and past hosts. She concluded stating that graduation is May 16, 2015.

b. CPC Grant Project Committee – Jessica Ibanez
Nothing more to report.

c. Emerging Planning Professional – Sarah Davis, Committee Co-Chair
Stan shared the EPP update email he received from Sarah. There is a Graduates’ Happy Hour planned on May 14th with MURP. They also have an RFQ Workshop in May.

d. Healthy communities Initiative Committee – Erica Heller
No report. They had to postpone the last meeting due to conflicts but they will reschedule and meet again.

e. Legislative Committee - Eric Heil, Co-chair
Stan said the committee is trying to figure out how to respond to the urban redevelopment issue and they continue to meet every other Monday with a small group by conference call. The committee will be making plans to recruit members. Susan said the session ends on May 6th and the CML and CCI bills are moving through the process. Another bill introduced last week regarding urban renewal areas where agricultural lands are within it and the Chapter’s official position is “neutral”.

Stan mentioned a bill to require a public review and voting on installation of red light cameras. He noted that installation of red light cameras has shown a considerable drop in accidents and fatalities in those intersections. Stan said he would follow up with Susan after the meeting. He felt it was in a relation to complete streets program.

f. Nominating Committee – Seth Lorson and Libby Tart-Schoenfelder
Stan said Seth and Libby volunteered at the last meeting to participate on the committee. Stan then asked Jessica Garrow if she would fill the third seat and she agreed. Seth reminded Stan about the bylaws requirement to have at least two candidates for each position. Stan asked if it was essential to an election and if that provision should remain in the Bylaws. Seth noted that it’s difficult to ask people to run against an incumbent who is doing a good job just because you need two people on a ballot. Susan said most of our Board does a good job and it’s tough to recruit but it adds a sense of competition. She believes it’s a way to get people involved. Seth said his perspective was different because in a democracy you aren’t forced to run and you aren’t always opposed. Maybe it’s not good to ask people to run just to put your name on the ballot. Shelia noted the discussion was more a decision because the bylaws say “if possible.” She asked the Board if the Nominating Committee needs to actively recruit for a second candidate if someone is already running or if an incumbent is running. Stan said we won’t change the bylaws this year and to the extent possible, the Committee should direct people to the correct position.

Seth then listed the open positions and the number of people running for each thus far: One for President Elect; two for VP External Affairs; One for Secretary/Treasurer; Zero for Denver Metro Representative; two for Central Mountain; Zero for Northwest and One for North Central. Tamra mentioned that she’s in an awkward position because she’s currently running for Central Mountain but if the map change is approved she’ll be moving to Northwest. Seth mentioned that right now, the voting is showing approval and Shelia said she would watch it and provide weekly updates to the Committee. She would also inform anyone who is running that their area might change. Voting on the map changes is slated for May 22, 2015 which would provide two weeks for the Nominating Committee to reach out to those who need to change their candidacy or to recruit additional candidates. Toby noted she will be running again for Northwest representative.

Joni asked for the deadline and the committee agreed June 4th to meet the deadline to submit online candidate statements to APA.

g. Outreach & Communications Committee –Jessica Ibanez and TJ Dlubac, Committee Co-Chairs
Jessica said the next meeting is scheduled for May 14th at Colorado Plus Brewery in an open house forum. They are hoping to recruit members and find those interested in getting involved in APA Colorado. TJ said the newsletter will be coming out this month on the Healthy Communities theme. All articles are due by May 4th and the newsletter will be published on May 15th. He noted he has plenty of topic related articles, noting that Erica reached out to many healthy community based organizations.

h. PIC Review Committee, Eric Heil
No report.

i. Professional Development Committee – Tareq Wafaie, Committee Chair
No report. Shelia relayed changes to the CM process. She said that beginning in October, the Chapter will apply to become an Approved Provider. Once you are an Approved Provider you can review and approve your own CM events and not have to submit them to APA for approval. They will also be instituting a speaker database. Susan said the AICP Commission is proposing a fee increase of 15% to all providers and the new fee will include unlimited distance learning. The fee increase is due in part to the fact that the CM program costs APA money. Shelia noted that over the next year additional changes will be forthcoming to the CM program.

j. Sustainability Committee – Libby Tart Schoenfelder, Board Liaison
Libby wasn’t able to attend the April call in but stated that the next meeting is scheduled for May 19th at 8:30. Attendance is offered by conference call or in person as the DOLA offices.

Libby asked if the Sustainability session had been selected and Shelia confirmed that it was one of the water track sessions. Shelia said there were enough water themed sessions to do a track. Jessica said that might be interesting to allied professionals and Susan said we should target those kind of organizations and firms for attendance.

7. Board Member Updates: None

Libby said she is trying to get the FEMA workshop arranged on May 13th at the City of Aurora. Julio said he attended the workshop in Denver and it was a good class. Shelia said she will work with Libby to get the registration online. Libby then said she was continuing to tie down details for the November Board meeting in Aurora. The planner that worked on the Dry Dock development has agreed to do a CM worthy, educational talk for one hour about microbreweries, zoning an economic development.

Susan reminded the Board about the upcoming reception for the new CDOT director on May 6th at 6:00 p.m. She noted that it was the last day to register and tickets are $45. She said that WTS did ask all the event partners to pledge $500 because they didn’t think they would meet the needed income to cover the event expenses. Susan said she didn’t offer the Chapter to pitch in.

8. Other Business – None

Meeting ended at 3:47 p.m.

Motion by Jessica to adjourn.
Second by Susan.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous



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