Board Minutes 07-11-2014

APA Colorado Board Meeting Minutes
Friday July 11, 2014

Denver, CO 

The meeting was called to order by President, Stan Clauson at 2:22 p.m.Roll Call:

Present:  Stan Clauson, President; Susan Wood, Past President;  Jessica Ibanez, VP External Affairs; Tamra Allen, Central Mountain Representative; Lor Pelligrino, South Central representative; Paul Rosenberg, Public Official Representative; Julio Iturreria, Western Planner representative; Caeli Hill, Student Representative; and Dan Bush, Legislative Committee Co-Chair.

Absent: T.J. Dlubac, VP Communications;  Jessica Osborne, Metro Representative;  Carrie Makarewicz, Faculty Representative;  Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Co-Chair;  Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer; Tareq Wafaie, Professional Development Officer; Seth Lorson, North Central Representative; and Erica Heller, Metro Representative.

Vacant Positions:  Southwest Area Representative and Northwest Area Representative

Guests:  Sarah Davis, EPP Administration Chair

Staff:  Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

1. Opening Remarks – Stan Clauson, President

Stan reminded the Board of the email sent out by TJ regarding the upcoming newsletter on Sustainable Tourism. He expressed his personal interest in the topic due to his residence and employment in Aspen and encouraged the Board to send ideas to TJ even though the initial deadline for ideas had passed.

He then mentioned an upcoming program on July 16th hosted by DOLA on resiliency. The seminar can be attended in person or via a webinar. He then talked about the Chapter President’s Council (CPC) competitive grant program and noted the applications are due by Tuesday, August 19th. He reminded the Board that APA CO submitted for the new website in 2013 but were not given the grant. He asked the Board to send any ideas to himself or the Chapter Administrator.

Stan then closed his remarks by stating that he is excited to be taking on the APA CO presidency and thanked Susan for her hard work. He asked the Board to contact him with any suggestions or ideas. Finally, he mentioned an article he had read in the NY Times that morning that stated over 50% of the world’s population live in Cities. He said the article highlights how important the role of the planner will become.

2. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer

a. June 6, 2014 Minutes
Shelia introduced the minutes. She asked for comments and no comments were offered.

Motion by Susan to approve the March minutes.
Second by Julio.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. June 2014 Financial Report
Shelia summarized the June financial report. She noted there was a net loss of $3,652.62 with a monthly income of $3,164.21 and monthly expenses of $6,816.83. Stan asked when the conference payments would come and if they would cover the conference expenses. Shelia replied that the payments would start in August with one a month in August and September and the final disbursement in October.

Motion by Paul to approve the June financial report.
Second by Stan.
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

3. Chapter Administrator Report – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

Shelia thanked the Board for the flowers provided during her father’s memorial service. She then discussed the Crested Butte Conference noting that online registration was now available and the early bird pricing will end September 15th. Links to registration and hotel reservations are posted on the website. The months of July and August will be focused on finalizing the food/beverage orders, AV needs, entering CM credits, finalizing speakers for workshops and completing the final program.

She then discussed the elections for 2014. She noted all the candidates names, statements and photographs have been sent into national. The Bylaws amendments will be sent after the Board takes action on them. They will be posted on the APA Colorado website before the election opens so members can review them. The ballot will link to the redline on our website and will be a simple “yay” or “nay” vote.

4. Old Business

a. 2014 Bylaws Amendments – Stan Clauson, Bylaws Committee Chair
Stan thanked the Bylaws Committee and asked Shelia to summarize the amendments. Shelia noted the changes to various areas within the document related to the new APA National election cycle, additions and modifications to the Special Representatives section, addition of the Emerging Planning Professionals and Outreach and Communications committee, addition of a section regarding Board attendance requirements and other changes to punctuation and cross references. Lor asked if calling in for meetings was counted as attendance and Shelia confirmed that it was. Paul asked why there was a change to 4.1.1 elected positions from “shall appoint” to “may appoint.” Stan responded that there might be circumstances where the vacancy would be close to an election cycle as is currently the situation so it was made discretionary. 

Motion by Paul to approve the 2014 Bylaws amendments and place on the ballot for membership ratification.
Second by Julio
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. Area Representative Redistricting Map– Stan Clauson, Bylaws Committee Chair
Stan summarized the history of the changes to the Area map. Two Board members worked in 2009 with a committee to create a draft redistricting map, which was ultimately approved by the Board in 2010 for referral to the membership. In 2011 the Southwest Area Representative expressed concerns that the changes weren’t in the best interest of his area’s members. The item was then tabled (it has been on the agenda to be placed on the upcoming 2010 ballot) and the Southwest Area Representative was to research the changes and get feedback then bring the information back to the Board. A short report was provided by it did not provide any recommendations. Stan said his recommendation was to look at the mapping again. He then noted the three options: a) the Board could uphold it and put it on the 2014 ballot with the bylaws amendments; b) the Board could rescind and leave the boundaries as they currently are with no further review; or c) the Board could table the item again and review the proposed boundaries and bring back a recommendation for the 2015 election cycle. He recommended forming a new committee to look at the boundaries and have the map ready for the 2015 ballot. Tamra stated she was agreeable with the proposed change as mapped in 2009 for her county (Garfield) but also said that forming a committee is a good idea. Lor said there weren’t any impacts to the Southwest area and that she only hears from members in Pueblo and El Paso County. Stan said that might be helped with outreach. Stand noted that the Southwest, Northwest and Central Mountains were the most impacted by the new 2009 map.

Motion by Tamra to convene a special committee to review the area representative map and make recommendations for the 2015 ballot.
Second by Susan
Discussion: Lor wanted to go forward with what was previously approved for the 2014 ballot. Susan agreed that we’ve been sitting on it for a long time and that there weren’t really any substantive reasons for tabling it in the first place. Shelia noted that throwing it on this ballot this time around might be problematic due to APA National not expecting it and the membership not having adequate time to review it or offer comments. Tamra said she would like to have some input on the new boundaries and Dan asked what the new deadline would be. Shelia said the review deadline would have to be around January/February 2015 in order to get it finalized for the 2015 ballot. Stan said the membership could be alerted at the State Conference and by email. He noted that the Area Representatives need to rethink the issue and the proposed committee would need to reaffirm any changes. Lor stated that she still did not think a committee was necessary and that it could be discussed at the October conference and advertised to the membership.
Stan asked if there was a friendly amendment to the motion on the table to remove the requirement for the committee. Both Tamra and Susan agreed.
Motion to review the representative map at the board level only and make recommendations for the 2015 ballot.
Vote: Unanimous

5. New Business

a. EPP Funding Request – Sarah Davis, EPP Administration Chair
Sarah Davis, EPP Administration Chair introduced herself and the item to the Board. She said she would be running for the position of Committee Chair at the July 20th picnic. She stated that EPP is requesting the $200 that was allocated to them during the budget request to fund their annual picnic on July 20th. The EPP Officers made a decision to use the entire $200 for their annual picnic and the funds will cover the $97 park permit fee and food and beverages. They are anticipating 20 – 30 attendees and are asking for $5 donations to off-set the costs. The EPP Officers will bring sides to help offset some of the food costs as well. EPP elections will be held during the picnic and she summarized the great turnout they had for members interested in serving as officers. She then reminded the Board of the upcoming August joint happy hour.

Motion by Paul to approve the EPP expenditure for the EPP Annual picnic.
Second by Dan
Discussion: Susan said that what EPP has done is amazing, especially since there are people becoming more active and it’s been great to watch the committee grow. She said she was initially a bit leery of the request since they were using their entire budget, but she believes this will help keep the momentum going. Sarah thanked the Board for their support and agreed that EPP wants to build off the momentum they’ve gained. She noted they have had some events where they didn’t have to charge and that has helped. She also mentioned the non-Denver- Metro event in Ft. Collins. Stan said that once we have budgeted a certain amount for a committee or group, then that amount of money should not need to come back for ratification. He said he will be making a proposal for that. Paul asked how the current financial policy came to be and Shelia stated that the Board established the financial polices about two years ago because the funding was one lump sum.
Vote: Unanimous

b. 2014 APA Colorado Awards – Anna Gagne, Awards Committee Chair and Susan Wood, Past President
Anna thanked the Board for having her and began her summary of the award winners. She noted there were more submissions this year that in the past with the Committee receiving 17 nominations this year and previous years being between 8 and 10 nominations. She said the Committee wanted more student submission this year since last year they were limited and she felt the inclusion of an adjunct professor on the committee to review and help with information on how to submit and when was helpful. Anna then discussed the various winners. At the conclusion she asked for any questions and comments. Lor thanked her and the Committee for doing the hard work. Susan agreed after looking at the long hours and the fair and objective look the Committee provided of the various nominations. Stan thanked Anna for participating in the meeting and said he wanted to see the Board become more involved in the Awards process.

Motion by Paul to approve the 2014 APA Colorado Awards recipients as recommended by the Awards Committee.
Second by Susan
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

Stan asked if there was anything we could do to make the committee’s job easier in future years and Anna replied that she would think about it and let him know. She noted that this year it was challenging to give time to evaluate but everyone on the Committee chipped in and did their part. She noted that the Committee has been composed of a lot of the same dedicated people, but there is a need to find some more that feel the same way. Stand asked how many are on the Committee and Anna said there are 14, with one a rotating member from the Local Host Committee. She said there is typically a core 15 but a few fell of this year. Stan said the Board would help if needed. He then asked about the awards reception at the conference and said we should be working on the best possible presentation at this year’s reception. Susan said the conversation needs to begin and that the survey comments regarding last year’s reception were that it was too lengthy. She said the Committee should talk about how to revamp a little to make it informative and give the awards, but making it more celebratory and entertaining. Susan offered to talk with Anna in the next week or two. Anna agreed and said the conversation should involve the Committee and Shelia as well.

c. Presidential Appointments – Stan Clauson, President
Stan referred to the Bylaws requirements to reappointment various positions. He discussed reappointing the following: Eric Heil - Legislative Committee Co-Chair; Paul Rosenberg - Public Official Representative; Julio Iturreria - Western Planner Representative and Erica Heller - Sustainably Committee Liaison. All, except Erica, indicated their willingness to accept appointment.

Motion by Lor to ratify the appointments as presented.
Second by Tamra
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

6. Committee Updates

a. APAS Student Committee – Caeli Hill, Student Representative
Caeli Hill, the new Student Representative introduced herself. She informed the Board that she is originally from Florida and moved to Colorado last year. She has been active in APAS and said James did a great job and has relayed the Board’s expectations. She said the APAS Board has met several times and they have started putting their calendar together. She hopes to do the Job Shadowing program again this year but in the fall to give more time to do the actual shadowing part of the program. APAS would like to do more professional development and they are trying to brainstorm events like resume building. Stan said he would like to have an event with APAS.

b. Awards Committee - Anna Gagne, Committee Chair
Nothing further to report.

c. Bylaws Committee – Stan Clauson, Committee Chair
Nothing further to report.

d. Emerging Professional Planners –Deryn Wagner, Committee Chair
Nothing new to report. Stan said he looked forward to the August joint happy hour on August 1st after the board meeting.

e. Legislative Committee - Eric Heil and Dan Bush, Co-chair
Dan said the Legislative Committee will be planning for the next session over the summer. The ski area and water rights issue has come up and they expect TIFF to come back as well since the Governor vetoed it. He said the Committee hopes to get ahead of it. Susan informed the Board that she and Eric had lunch with representatives of DCI and Carolyn White. Dan ended by stating that the Committee’s survey will be sent out at the end of this year.

f. Outreach & Communications Committee - TJ Dlubac and Jessica Ibanez, Committee Co-Chairs
No report.

g. PIC Review Committee, Eric Heil
No report.

h. Professional Development Committee – Tareq Wafaie, Committee Chair
No report.

i. Sustainability Committee - Erica Heller, Board Liaison
No report.

7. Board Member Updates:

Susan said she had received a request from the CPC Chairman for feedback on things APA provides for us and where we would like to have more assistance. The Chair will take it to the APA Board at its retreat. She then noted that APA National is in a time of transition and change since Paul Farmer has left and the new CEO has taken office. The new CEO isn’t a planner but he is a business professional so there can be two ways to look at it. Paul said having a professional at the national level might be good. Stan said he agreed that it is an interesting appointment and there may be some reverberation among the planning community because he’s not a planner, but it leaves us to provide as much input as we possibly can so the planners/members in Colorado feel represented.

8. Other Business – None

Stan said that at the next Board meeting we will be talking about the strategic plan. He reminded everyone about the strategic plan retreat, noting that the results need to be formulated into an actual strategic plan. He informed the Board that the meeting will be held at Design Workshop’s office. He said he would like to showcase some private sector firms if they are willing to host us, similar to the public sector organizations that have hosted us previously. The Board meeting will start at 2:00 preceded by a presentation by Design Works at 1:30. Following the Board meeting will be the joint EPP and APA Colorado happy hour at Maloney’s.

Meeting ended at 3:44 p.m.

APPROVED August 1, 2014



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