Board Minutes 11-07-2014

APA Colorado Board Meeting Minutes
Friday November 7, 2014

The Colorado Health Foundation
Denver, CO 

Facility Tour & Presentation

  1. Welcome & Introduction - Stan Cluson, President
  2. Presentation - Christopher Smith, Manager, The Colorado Health Foundation

Tour and presentation began at 1:37 p.m. and adjourned at 2:26 p.m.
Attending: Stan, Susan, Jessica, Dylan, Joni, Paul, Libby, Erica, Russ, Toby, Sarah, Eric and Shelia

Regular Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President, Stan Clauson at 2:35 p.m.

Roll Call:

Present:  Stan Clauson, President; Susan Wood, Past President;  Jessica Ibanez, VP External Affairs; Dylan Grabowski, VP Communications, Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer, Erica Heller, Metro Representative, Libby Tart Schoenfelder, Metro Representative, Seth Lorson, North Central Representative, Russ Forrest, Southwest Area Representative, Toby Staufer, Northwest Area Representative, Tamra Allen, Central Mountain Representative; Paul Rosenberg, Public Official Representative; Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Co-Chair;  Caeli Hill, Student Representative; and Sarah R Davis, EPP Representative.

AbsentJulio Iturreria, Western Planner Representative; Carrie Makarewicz, Faculty Representative; Tareq Wafaie, Professional Development Officer; and Kit Roupe, South Central Representative.

Staff:  Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

3. Opening Remarks – Stan Clauson, President

Stan informed the Board that he would like to use Go To Meeting for all future Board meetings and post all the meeting documents on site so he would be able to highlight them as they were discussed. He noted that our opening guest speaker ran over so he wasn’t able to get the meeting fully setup this month.

4. Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer

a. September 2014 Minutes
Joni noted that there were two sets of minutes in the packet. The first were minutes from the September Board meeting. She asked for comments and no comments were offered.

Motion by Jessica to approve the September minutes.
Second by Erica
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. October 2014 Minutes
Joni introduced the October minutes from the annual Board meeting in Crested Butte. She asked for comments and no comments were offered.

Motion by Erica to approve the October minutes.
Second by Eric
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

c. September 2014 Financial Report
Joni introduced the September financial report. She noted that a broad overview of the financials was presented at the annual meeting during the conference; however the actual financial report was not acted upon by the Board. She summarized that the net income for September was $32,006.97. She asked for comments and no comments were offered.

Motion by Eric to approve the September 2014 financial report.
Second by Jessica
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

d. October 2014 Financial Report
Joni introduced the October financial report noting a net income of $6,409.76, with a monthly income of $19,229.47 and expenses of $12,819.71. The final installment for the conference was paid in October and the next rebate for membership dues would post to the account in the amount of a little over $12,000. She asked for any questions or comments and none were offered.

Motion by Eric to approve the October 2014 financial report.
Second by Paul
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

e. 2015 Budget Committee Formation
Joni noted it the time of year to form the budget committee to review and make recommendations for the Chapter’s 2015 budget. She noted the standing members are the President, Staff, and Secretary/Treasurer. She noted there needed to be at least one other person from the Board and Jessica had expressed interest. She asked if anyone else was interested and that a conference call had been scheduled for the following Friday. With no one else expressing interest in participation on the committee, Stan asked for a motion.

Motion by Paul to form the Budget Committee composed of Stan, Joni, Jessica, and Shelia
Second by Toby
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

Sarah asked Joni when committee budgets would be due to the budget committee and Joni suggested November 28th at the latest.

5. Chapter Administrator Report – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

a. Crested Butte Conference Review
Shelia discussed the post conference activities and financials. She noted that she is still awaiting the final bill from the Museum and needs to review the final bill from Crested Butte Mountain Resort. She also noted there are still a few outstanding invoices from members who purchased boxed lunches. Joni asked if there was an estimate on the net income and Shelia noted it should be around $35,000 if not more. Shelia then summarized the survey results and then began discussion of the RFP for the 2017 conference location.

b. Future Conferences
She noted the locations that were offered in the survey and that the results were Telluride in first, followed closely by Breckenridge then Estes Park. She noted she was hesitant to move to Telluride so soon after Crested Butte due to the distance factor. She suggested targeting Breckenridge or Estes Park since they were closer to Denver and then target Telluride another year. Seth wanted to consider Telluride and Eric agreed since the survey results had it at number one. Sarah asked how the conference locations were chosen and Shelia stated that only communities that had facilities to accommodate the Chapter would be proposed and that the location was moved around to different parts of the state to allow all members easy access. The Board agreed that the top three should be considered for 2015 and targeted with the RFP. Paul noted issues with the Jewish holiday and asked that it be considered when booking for the next conference. The other concern raised was the fact the shoulder season has been an issue with lack of open restaurants for the attendees. Moving the conference dates up a week or two earlier should be considered as well. Russ inquired if the Board only considered the RFP from the hotels or if the local communities were asked to compete. Shelia noted that the Board requested this be added to the process for future years and she would incorporate it into the process for this year’s review.

Jessica noted that one of the survey comments was to have more allied professionals do some presentations and she mentioned a possibility of doing an allied professions tract. Russ asked about comments from the roundtable and Shelia noted there weren’t many but most were positive.
The Board inquired if it was possible to place the survey results on the website and let the members know they were posted. Eric mentioned he would like to have an agenda item on the next Board meeting for a conference debriefing and to discuss ideas for the Steamboat. Sarah said EPP had a post conference debriefing and wanted to share their feedback. Stan told Shelia to place the item for discussion on the next agenda in December

Susan asked Shelia to see if APA National has dates established for future Federal Policy Briefings and possibly book the conference around those dates.

c. Transportation Symposium
Shelia said that the first conference call had been held and she, Susan and Dylan would be working to find the venue and set the date.

d. 2015 Meeting Dates
Shelia summarized the proposed meeting dates for 2015. She noted that the goal is to have most of the meetings in the Denver Metro area and others around the state if possible. The May or June meeting will be in Steamboat for the Board’s tour of the conference facilities and the October meeting will be there also during the conference. Stan noted he wanted to have two meetings in Boulder. One would be hosted by Boulder County Planning and the other would be a private firm. Shelia informed the Board that if any of them wished to host a meeting or had an idea for a meeting, they could contact her. Seth stated he would host in May of July. Shelia replied that May or June may need to be in Steamboat but she would get back to him as soon as she knew. It was noted that September 4th is Labor Day so the September meeting may need to be pushed back a weekend. Eric offered to host a meeting in Avon in July or Sept. Paul and Libby both offered to host as well. Stan reiterated that teleconferencing was his goal for all future meetings. Stan then offered to host August 7th in Aspen.

6. New Business I

a. Legislative Liaison Contract Renewal – Eric Heil, Legislative Chair
Eric introduced Sol Malik, Peak Government Affairs, and the APA Colorado Legislative Liaison. He thanked Sol for attending and summarized the pending contract. He noted that the contract before the Board was the exact same contract as used in the three previous years. He noted that in that contract the Board had agreed to a 3% minimum increase every year and that was also being recommended again. Eric then stated that this is one of the larger expenditures in the Chapter budget. He noted that the Legislative Committee and Sol track about 15 to 20 bills each legislative session and decided if the Chapter will support, oppose, or monitor the bills. He then stated that there were a few years where no increase was given to the Liaison due to the recession. Paul asked if we are approving a perpetual 3% increase because we aren’t in a 3% economy. Eric noted that in the Denver area its 2.7% or 2.7% index. Paul suggested offering 3% this year and review the increase each year instead of guaranteeing 3% and binding the Board. Susan reminded the Board that Sol and his father worked for the Chapter for no increase in previous years. Jessica asked to have the contract better timed with the budget process. Joni said it should be changed to a calendar year versus November to November as currently drafted. Paul said the current contract dates fit better with the legislative session. Eric said that although the contract is for three years, it can be terminated at any time by either party with two weeks written notice. He also stated that there is value in Sol’s history with the Chapter and planning issues. He suggested putting in the Boulder index as a benchmark. Another option was to change the wording to state that the Board would consider a minimum 3% increase but not be held to it. Toby offered that the increase could be tied to the Boulder index. Eric and Erica noted that the contract currently does not bind the Board or Chapter to anything more than two weeks at a time. Sol said he and/or his father have been representing APA Colorado for over 19 years and he is committed to the Chapter, whatever the contract says. He stated that he’s not hard and fast with any increase but it is nice that it is in the contract. Eric recommended continuing the discussion to the next meeting so he could work on the modified language. Jessica asked if there are any performance measurements to use when the Board reviews the contract and Eric said not currently. Susan said there are deliverables required in the contract and those could be used. Jessica suggested that the Legislative Committee report back on the services and that the performance measurements could determine the increase. Eric said he could do a better overview to highlight activities.

Motion by Paul to approve the contract with Eric’s proposed changes.
Second by Susan
Discussion: There was some confusion whether the motion was to approve with changes or to continue to the next meeting. Eric preferred that the item be continued to the next meeting so the Board can review the modified contract. He stated he would work on language tying the compensation increase to the index.
Stan asked Paul to modify his motion to continue the item to the next meeting.
Paul modified his motion and Susan agreed to the change.
Vote: Unanimous

Eric asked to move the Legislative Committee report up on the agenda so Sol could speak and Stan agreed. Sol discussed the current election status with the Board. He noted the change in control at both the state and national levels. He mentioned that one of his jobs representing APA Colorado is to elevate the status of planners in the state and that this is happening as he noted he is now getting the calls on planning matters that used to go to other organizations and people. Susan thanked him for his work and stated how he understands planners and the work they do.

7. Old Business

a. 2014 Strategic Plan Update– Stan Clauson, President
Stan said he is continuing to work on the plan and will share it with the committee when he has a draft ready.

b. Area Representative Redistricting Map– Stan Clauson, President
Stan reminded the board of the changes and the history. Russ asked for the history and Shelia summarized it as well. She noted she would forward the information to the new Board member so they could be up to date on the discussions. Stan said he asked Garfield about the changes and felt the change was appropriate. Toby said she only got a few responses and they were in favor but wondered how the representative changes would be determined. Russ noted the Southwest Area changes don’t’ make sense. Shelia noted that the request before the Board was to have help in working through the ballot issues of the vote and not to rehash the changes. She reminded the Board that they had taken action on the map a few meetings prior with instructions to put the map to the membership for a vote in spring 2015 and not to create a new committee to review the changes. Eric and Susan offered to help. Stan clarified, asking the Board first if they wanted to form the committee to help with the ballot issues since the prior Board discussion and motion were clear that no committee would be formed. Erica said yes. Stan and Toby also agreed to participate in the ballot discussion.

Motion by Erica to establish the committee.
Second by Libby
Discussion: Eric asked for an amendment to add Russ.
Erica and Libby agreed to the amendment.
Vote: 14-1; Seth voting in dissention.

Seth noted that based on discussion, no one seemed satisfied with the map itself so he wandered why the Board was moving forward with the map. Shelia stated that the Board taken action on the map earlier in the year.

8. New Business

a. Appointment of Sustainability Liaison – Stan Clauson, President
Stan said our present liaison Erica has indicated she needs to resign. She has asked that the Board consider Libby as the replacement.

Motion by Erica to approve the appointment of Libby as the Sustainability Liaison.
Second by Eric
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. APA Initiative on Collaborating for Healthy Communities: Building Equity through partnership and Planning – Stan Clauson, President
Stan summarized the information provided from APA National. He noted that when the item first came to him there wasn’t a clear direction, but after hearing the presentation from The Colorado Health Foundation he felt there was a great opportunity for the Chapter. Erica said she agreed and noted that Colorado has the 3rd best endowed health foundation in the country and on a per-capita basis, it is the best funded. Jessica, Jessica Osborne, and Erica met with representatives from The Colorado Health Foundation a few months prior and discussed ways the two groups could collaborate. Erica noted that PUMA has two projects funded by the Foundation and that she would love to participate in any kind of committee if one is formed. Stan confirmed that her recommendation was to form a committee and she confirmed. Russ said he was intrigued by the idea presented by Mr. Smith that the Foundation was looking to create an award or certification for a healthy planned community. Jessica said she felt the next step would be to find someone to champion the initiative. Libby said there has been a lot more collaboration with Live Well Colorado and they are doing HEAL certification – a legislative process – adopting resolutions in various municipalities to adopt the goals of the HEAL and providing awards to those communities. The initiative is leading to grants for cities that are adopting the resolutions. She noted the growth in communities that are not working towards healthy communities now verses 10 years ago. Erica noted Kaiser Permanente’s walk and wheel program and other programs that are moving forward. Susan said there are resources in the state and we are a good candidate for the initiative from APA, noting that APA got a $3 million grants this year and a total of $9 million. The Board continued discussion about other models and programs around the metro area and state.

Motion by Erica to form a committee to explore how APA Colorado can partner to pursue the healthy communities’ initiative and grants and maybe from there form a larger group if needed.
Second by Susan
Eric offered that maybe Libby and Erica be appointed as the Health Foundation Committee. Caeli noted that APAS has said a health committee too and they might be interested in assisting. Stand said the committee should work with the Colorado Health Foundation and other health organizations to see how the Chapter can move forward. Sarah said EPP might have a volunteer too.
Vote: Unanimous

c. APA CO Membership – Stan Clauson, President
Stan summarized the information provided to the Board on historical membership numbers and recent reports. He noted there hasn’t been significant growth in membership for many years. He stated that the Chapter did add members under APA Nationals’ reduced dues initiative. He said the Board should consider preparing promotional information on the membership. Shelia and Jessica reminded the board that the Outreach & Communication Committee had already completed a membership brochure, presented it to the Board and copies were made and distributed. Stand asked that the membership brochure be brought back to the Board for review at the next meeting.

d. CPC Grant – Stan Clauson, President
Stan informed the Board that the Chapter had been awarded the CPC Grant. He reviewed the grant and stated he will need to sign it to accept the award. He noted the obligation is to provide $2000 to the project.

Motion by Eric to approve the CPC Grant Contract and authorize the President to sign the contract.
Second by Joni
Discussion: Jessica thanked Stan for putting the application together.
Vote: Unanimous

Stan stated he would sign the contract and he requested that an item be placed on the next agenda to form a group to work on the project.

e. 2015 Karen B. Smith Chapter Award and the CPC leadership Recognition Award Applications – Susan Wood, Past President
Susan said the Chapter had applied for the award previously and won it in 2011 for PIC. She noted the award is given by the CPC under three categories a) reaching out to members; b) reaching out to communities; and c) chapter excellence. She said APA Colorado has done a great job partnering with allied professional groups, and others and felt the Chapter should apply for the award. She noted that if it were given to the chapter, the plaque and it would be awarded in Seattle in the spring 2015.

Motion by Russ approve application for the award
Second by Libby
Discussion: Stan suggested that Susan spear head the application process.
Vote: Unanimous

f. AIA Colorado Comments on the Draft I-70 Corridor EIS and Request for Signature – Stan Clauson
Stan summarized the request from AIA Colorado, requesting that APA Colorado sign a letter drafted by AIA Colorado to endorse the analysis that was done by the APA Transportation Planning Division. He noted that the request was a bit problematic as the Chapter doesn’t normally weigh in on community matters of this type; however, this was an APA activity. Paul said he thought there was a huge amount of politics involved in this issue and he felt the Chapter should stay out of it. Stan confirmed that Paul thought the Division’s report stands on its own merit and the Chapter doesn’t’ need to weigh in. Paul confirmed. Susan noted that either way, the report was very balanced and done by objective professionals of our own group. Eric and Paul agreed that there are planners on both sides of the issue and the Chapter should not get involved at this time. Stan said he would report back to AIA Colorado, stating that the Board feels the report stands on its own and the Chapter will not be weighing in beyond that.

9. Committee Updates:

a. APAS Student Committee – Caeli Hill, Student Representative
Caeli said they have a new Healthy Communities Committee this semester and they are doing tours and having meetings. She would like to see them get involved with the new Health committee like students are currently involved with the Sustainability Committee. She then stated that the job-shadowing program is getting close to ending. She plans to get student feedback to the hosts this year. The job-shadowing program will happen again in the spring. She then said that over 40 students attended the state conference and they were enthusiastic about helping with graphics next year. APAS is still planning the APAS happy after the December 5th meeting at UCD. She closed stating that although there isn’t any official planning done yet, APAS is still planning to do the lunch with professionals again, and she would like to do a portfolio building session. Lastly, the committee is working on a joint event with the alumni and will follow up with Board on that once more information is known.

b. Emerging Planning Professional – Sarah Davis, Committee Chair
Sarah informed the Board that last month EPP had a happy hour in Wheat Ridge and a presentation. The committee also had a debriefing about the state conference and the lack of attendance and barriers to attending. In November they are doing a 10 minute Tuesday on November 11th, they have a behind the scenes construction tour of DIA planned as well and are hosting a food drive event at the end of November. She closed by noting that EPP events are open to everyone.

Susan asked about the new EPP Facebook page, stating that in the past the Chapter was geared toward one page. She said EPP has done amazing work but noted her concerns with APA Colorado branding and being tied to the Chapter. Sara said she plans to have an informational item on the next agenda to inform the Board about the new page and how EPP plans to manage it. The committee felt it was a necessary tool to connect with other EPP members throughout the state and it would be a great way to communicate between events. Stan said social media should not be subject to top down control and that he authorized the page.

c. Legislative Committee - Eric Heil, Co-chair
Eric attended a DCI Urban Renewal Authority meeting and discussed CML’s plan of attack. CCI representatives have indicated they plan to submit the same bill as last year but are not opposed to having APA Colorado’s requirement for a study added to the bill. He noted the committee would be discussing this at their December meeting.

d. Outreach & Communications Committee – Dylan Grabowski and Jessica Ibanez, Committee Co-Chairs
Jessica informed the Board that there were a couple of communities the hosted National Community Planning Month event, including Longmont which did a bike tour and open house and Lakewood that hosed a movie night. The movie night showed a planning themed movie (Urbanized) and had over 100 attendees. She also noted that Aspen and Westminster did proclamations and that an article had been drafted for the upcoming newsletter. She said the committee hopes to do a better job of promoting these celebrations through the Chapter next year.

e. PIC Review Committee, Eric Heil
No report.

f. Professional Development Committee – Tareq Wafaie, Committee Chair
No report.

g. Sustainability Committee - Erica Heller, Board Liaison
Erica referred to Libby as the newly appointed liaison. Libby said the committee has a few events that are ongoing and that their monthly meetings are the third Tuesday of each month at 8:30 a.m. and a call in number is always provided. The committee will be talking about strategic planning in this next meeting and Erica said to remind them that we would like to see their budget by the 21st of November.

10. Board Member Updates:

Susan announced the November 21st happy hour at Jazz @ Jacks. She said there has been a lot of effort in inviting CCI, CML, ASLA, DCI, etc. Bill Anderson, APA President, and Jim Drinan, APA CEO will be attending since they are in town for the ASLA conference. She said this would be a great opportunity to meet the new CEO and that a breakfast had been planned early that morning with both Bill and Jim. She invited all the Board to attend and said she would email details as they are finalized.

11. Other Business – None

Meeting ended at 4:33 p.m.




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