Board Minutes 11-1-2013

APA Colorado Board Meeting
Friday November 1, 2013

Denver University
RicketsonLaw Building, Room 413

The meeting was called to order by President, Susan Wood at 8:34 a.m.

Roll call:



Susan Wood, President

Rebecca Levy, Northwest Representative

Stan Clauson, President Elect

Joni Marsh, Secretary/Treasurer

Jessica Ibanez, VP External Affairs

Paul Rosenberg, Public Official Rep

T.J. Dlubac, VP of Communications

Erica Heller, Metro Representative

James Cramer, Student Representative

Lor Pelligrino, South Central Representative

Seth Lorson, North Central Representative

Chris Hawkins, Southwest Representative

Tamra Allen, Central Mountain Representative


Jessica Osborne, Metro Representative


Dan Bush, Legislative Committee Co-Chair


Carrie Makarewicz, Faculty Representative


Eric Heil, Legislative Committee Co-Chair

Susan Daggett, Executive Director of RMLUI



Staff:  Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator


1.     Opening Remarks – Susan Wood, President

Susan thanked everyone for attending and noted that the meeting will go back to regular hours in December. She also stated she hoped to reschedule the CDOT meeting for some time in the future or next year. Susan then discussed the Chapter’s work on the Colorado Flood Recovery workshop scheduled for November 22nd in Loveland at the Embassy Suites. The workshop is being hosted by DOLA, FEMA, UCD and possibly CML and CCI.  The idea for the workshop is to invite by invitation only the flood affected communities to provide them with assistance in finding available resources.  FEMA is looking to bring in a peer-to-peer exchange from Minnesota and Kansas. There is no request for monetary assistance at this point. Susan stated that the Embassy Suites has agreed to sponsor and cover all costs of food, beverage and waived facilities fees.  The group will be seeking donations to help off-set some of the costs incurred by Embassy Suites.

Susan then noted that Boulder was looking into APA’s Community Planning Assistance Team (CPAT) to come help out but she noted that the service isn’t free. Boulder had asked if APA CO would help offset the fees, and Susan said they would need to come back with a specific request that she could take to the Board. Susan said she had thought about the CPC Grants, and that might be a good funding source this year. There hasn’t been any other mention of this to date.

Susan then brought up the budget review and Staff’s annual review due in January.  Susan stated that in December the review form will be sent out to the Board. She then noted that Shelia and TJ have been working diligently on the website and asked the Board to help if asked. She then moved to discussion of the Website Launch Parties across the state.  Each regional representative will host a party the week of Nov 18th. Susan said she and Erica have been working on the Metro area party for November 20th, which will start at the Webb building and then move to a bar for a happy hour. Staff will be doing an email blast announcing Launch Party Week with all the different events noted. Funding is available for the regional events in the budget and can be used to pay for appetizers.  Shelia noted that a script will be provided to help the Area Representatives educate those who come to the events.

2.     Guest Attendee Susan Daggett, Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute (RMLUI)

Susan introduced Susan Daggett, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute (RMLUI) and thanked her for allowing the Board to use the meeting groom.  Susan then mentioned the annual March RMLUI conference and how it benefits our members.  Susan D. began by noting she is actively planning the conference for the 2014 and will roll out the registration the following week.  The conference is scheduled for March 13th through 14th with a theme - “Moving Beyond Recession:  What’s next?” She said the conference will have a focus on natural resource pressure, planning pressures and other similar topics. Susan D. then noted they will have a Wednesday workshop and discuss the dynamics of the land use cases and the permitting process.  This workshop should give planners an idea of how the lawyers view the planning process but it is really geared toward young lawyers.

Susan D. then discussed RMLUI’s Sustainable Communities Land Use Code. She said it’s a one-stop entry point for land use codes designed around sustainable development and it’s online for easy access. The code is in a chart format with a section on removing obstacles, another on creating incentives and various regulatory pieces with lists of ideas and links to actual codes.  When the Kansas community that was impacted by a natural disaster was in recovery mode, they used this tool as a starting ground.  The code is updated by students and Clarion & Associates helps. The various sections range from one (1) to three (3) years old.  Susan W. noted we have a very active Sustainability Committee and offered to share the information with them. Carrie said UC Denver is planning their studios for the spring around this topic and she’s doing research around the recovery. Susan then asked everyone to introduce themselves. 

Susan D. then said in two weeks, on Nov 12th, they will do their annual debate (oxford style) with this year’s topic being the Colorado Compact - whether it’s effective or obsolete.  Susan closed by noting that she teaches classes on sustainability. Susan W. thanked Susan D. for coming.

3.     Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

a.     September 6, 2013 Minutes

Shelia reviewed the minutes provided.  Susan noted a correction needed on page 4 regarding the name of Stacy Schulte, UC Boulder faculty.

Motion by TJ approve the September 6, 2013 minutes with noted correction.

Second by Jessica I.

Discussion:  none

Vote:  Unanimous

b.     October 4, 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

Shelia reviewed the annual meeting minutes provided.

Motion by TJ to approve the October 4, 2013 minutes.

Second by Stan.

Discussion:  none

Vote:  Unanimous

c.      September/October 2013 Financial Report

Shelia summarized the financial reports noting the two months were combined since the September reports weren’t reviewed at the annual meeting.

Motion by Stan to approve the September/October financial report.

Second by Eric.

Discussion:  none

Vote:  Unanimous

4.     Chapter Administrator Report

a.      Vail Conference Summary
Shelia summarized some initial feedback on the conference and the financial status.  She noted that a prize was given in a random drawing to a member who completed the survey by noon, October 25th.  By that date, 118 people had completed the survey.  The survey will remain open for another two weeks. Jessica I. asked about the Awards Reception feedback and Shelia noted it didn’t fare well in the initial comments she reviewed from the conference survey. TJ stated that in the past the Awards Reception has been a lunch, a dinner, then that changed to a happy hour. This year it went back to a more formal setting.  He stated that we keep changing it and people don’t know what to expect so if it changes we need to explain what the format will be. James noted that we were also going to honor the scholarship award winners but we all forgot. Susan suggested announcing it at the launch party.

Shelia expressed her concern with attendance at the Crested Butte conference in 2014 due to the distance from the Front Range.  Susan noted that for the 2014 conference the Board had talked about marketing to New Mexico and Utah.  Shelia expressed an interest in creating a conference planning committee to bounce ideas off. 

b.      Website Launch

Shelia summarized the goal to have launch parties in each area the week of November 18th.  She highlighted the areas that had begun planning their event and reminded the representatives that a script will be provided to help them highlight the new website.

5.     Old Business - None

6.     New Business

a.     CNM Enterprise Contract & Compensation Review - Eric Heil and Dan Bush, Legislative Committee Co-Chairs

Eric summarized the existing contract with CNM, APA Colorado’s legislative liaison for several years. CNM is very active during the legislative session and Sol puts together a weekly report for us. Eric noted that this is the 3rd year of a three (3) year contract and that APA Colorado did some negotiating with them back when we renegotiated this contract.  The contract contains a minimum 3% increase each year but does allow for the organization to approve a higher increase. Eric said his recommendation is for the minimum of 3%, but his commentary summarized the amounts if the Board chose to increase it to 4% or 5%.  He noted that the additional one (1) or two (2) percent would be a minimal couple hundred dollars increase. Eric thought the 3% increase was reasonable, noting that in local governments the salaries have been flat over the last few years and there have been some cost of living adjustments around 2.9%.  Jessica I. asked if a three (3) year contract is typical for this type of service and Eric responded yes due to the type of commitment CNM makes.  CNM needs to have an idea of who they are working for to make the initial contacts and build relationships. Eric informed the Board that in 2014 it will be reviewing the contract with CNM, also indicating he didn’t see any real need to search for other liaisons based on our history with CNM. TJ asked if there was any reason that we might need to do four (4) or five (5) percent increase to ensure we don’t’ loose CNM and Eric responded that didn’t think so, noting that CNM works for other organizations similar to APA Colorado. Susan said the amount paid is a good price and benefit to the members. Susan suggested approving the 3% increase and offering a bonus. Eric suggested a 3% increase and a gift certificate. Jessica O said CNM does a phenomenal job, are deeply engaged and know the political players really well.  She suggested a 4% increase.

Motion by Stan to approve a 3% increase and a gift certificate for $100.

Second by TJ

Discussion:  Eric offered a modification of $150. Stan accepted and TJ accepted.

New Motion:  approve a 3% increase and a gift certificate for $150.

Vote:  Unanimous

b.     Appointment of Professional Development Officer - Susan Wood, President

Susan apologized for the lateness of the agenda item noting the number of applications received for the two open Board positions. Susan informed the Board that both she and Stan interviewed the top three candidates for the Professional Development Officer on Thursday morning.  She noted that all three interviews went well, but both agreed that Tareq Wafaie stood out.  Tareq has been active in the organization for many years and has demonstrated his ability in Planning Commissioner training events.  Both said it was really the amount of service he has provided to APA Colorado that pushed him to the top of the list.  Susan said she hoped to keep the other applicants engaged and involved because they are great assets to the organization.

Motion by Eric to approve Tareq Wafaie as the new Professional Development Officer.

Second by TJ.

Discussion:  Tamara asked about Tareq’s resignation from the Sustainability Committee because he dint’ have time and how that might impact his ability to do the PDO duties. Susan confirmed that they asked Tareq about that during the interview and he stated he would make time and his employer was supportive of his appointment and time commitment to fulfill the duties.

Vote:  Unanimous

c.      Appointment of Western Planner Representative – Susan Wood, President

Susan summarized the application letters for the two applicants and said the recommendation was for Julio Iturreria, who contacted her from the Western Planner conference in Tahoe.  Susan noted Julio would bring an interesting view to the Board. TJ inquired as to the process of APA Colorado appointing someone to the Western Planner Board.  Susan noted that APA Colorado appoints the person and Western Planner accepts that person as a Board member.  TJ asked if the Western Planner Representative is a voting member and Susan said she wasn’t sure. Stan suggested asking Julio to review the Bylaws of the Western Planner Representative and report back to the Board on how that liaison position works and what his approach to it would be.  Stan noted that Susan also had him review the applications and he agreed with her recommendation. Susan said it was important for Stan to be involved in the process because he will be the president and working with these new appointees next year.

Motion by Eric to approve Julio Iturreria as the Western Planner Representative.

Second by Stan

Discussion:  None.

         Vote:  Unanimous

7.     Committee Updates:

a.      Awards Committee - Anna Gagne, Committee Chair

No report.

b.      Emerging Professional Planners – TJ Dlubac for Deryn Wagner

TJ noted that EPP is working on an event for the Boulder Flood Recovery and their committee bylaws. They are excited about getting the AICP study group and preparation group together for May.  EPP will be submitting a 2014 budget request for the Board to consider in December. Susan noted they are a dynamic group and asked TJ to reach out to them for the Launch Party.  Jessica I said it looks like the Committees are off by a month for drafting and submitting their budgets, noting that EPP and the Outreach & Communication Committee both plan to submit their budgets in December or January and the overall budget will be considered either before or at the same time.  She suggested that reminders be sent out to the various committees.

c.      Legislative Committee - Eric Heil and Dan Bush, Co-chair

Eric said there’s lots of rumor about a TIFF bill and CCI has been meeting to come up with ideas.  They will probably come up with something that will give Counties the ability to opt out of the capture. CCI has been gathering comments and it looks like most will oppose it, but they feel there is a good chance something favorable for CCI will be passed. Eric said that would start a slippery slope for other districts to opt out. He said the impact study would have been beneficial but both sides are reluctant because the study might not go in their favor.  He suggested APA Colorado possibly take the lead to push for the study.  Jessica I asked if there would be opportunity for collaboration with other organizations if APA Colorado took the lead and Eric said yes. Dan noted he was working on the legislative survey and offered to put specific questions about TIFF in it.

Eric said another issue was cluster development APA Colorado had been asked to do a presentation on the cluster development.  He said there was some interest in revisiting the 35 acre rule but the Cattlemen’s Association said there was a need to create better incentives for it for agricultural users. He noted that if the Cattlemen’s Association isn’t in support and it would be an uphill battle. A draft bill was presented and Eric will look at it. Susan noted there has always been difficulty working to meet the needs of agriculture but still regulate the development and sprawl in the rural areas. Lastly, Eric noted there has been rumor of a state wide sales tax for transportation funding.  He then said the next Legislative Committee meeting was scheduled for Monday, December 12th to get everyone refreshed and ready for the legislative session. Jessica I. asked when the survey will go out and Eric was hoping to have it out early next week.

d.      Outreach & Communications Committee - TJ Dlubac and Jessica Ibanez, Committee Co-Chairs

Jessica said the committee is actively working on marketing pieces and identifying what they want to accomplish next year.  TJ noted there are branding guidelines from APA National and they are working through them, handing out some conceptual print material for the Board to review.  Jessica I. noted that there has been a need to have materials at conferences APA CO attends or sponsors. TJ noted that everything that comes from APA CO should look consistent because committees are now using different formats. TJ said he needs committee members to help with social media, website and newsletter interest, with ideally four or five for each subcommittee.  Jessica I. said she would prefer job descriptions to go along with internal committees within the overall committee.

TJ summarized the meeting with HOSTWORKS the previous Monday, noting the focus on the critical path to get the website launched.

e.      PIC Review Committee, TBD

No report.

f.       Professional Development Committee – TBD

No report.

g.      Sponsorship Committee - Erica Heller, Committee Chair

Shelia asked for a volunteer from the Board. No one responded. She said she would send out an email requesting help.

h.      Sustainability Committee - Erica Heller, Board Liaison

No report.

8.     Board Member Updates:

No report.

9.     Other Business - None

Meeting ended at 10:24 a.m.

Email Vote 11-21-13

EMAIL VOTE – November 21, 2013:

Request by Susan Wood for Board participation in a financial gift to TJ Dlubac for his above and beyond, time and efforts spent on the new APA Colorado website.

Motion by Tamra to approve the purchase of a gift certificate for TJ Dlubac in the amount of $100 as a conveyance of our thanks for his substantial contribution of time and effort that he has put into fully remodeling APA Colorado’s website.

Second by Jessica O.

Discussion: none

Vote:  14-0 (Erica, Joni, Dan, James, Becky, Paul, Lor, Carrie, Jessica O., Seth, Chris, Tareq, Stan, and Tamra.)




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