Board Minutes: February 9 2022

The meeting began at 3:00 p.m.

Roll call:



Joni Marsh, President

Vacant, Public Official Representative

Maureen Paz de Araujo, President Elect

Vacant, EPP Representative

Josh Olhava, Treasurer

Vacant, Western Planner Representative

Mike Tylka, VP of Communications

Katelynn Wintz, South Central Representative

Julia Puester, VP External Affairs

Manish Shirgaokar, Faculty Representative

Erin Fosdick, Professional Development Officer

Karl Barton, Sustainability Committee Co-Chair

Tareq Wafaie, Metro Representative

Wade Broadhead, Youth in Planning Chair

Britt Palmberg, Metro Representative


Mark Truckey, Central Mountain Area Representative


Ethan Mobley, Northwest Area Representative


Lesli Ellis, North Central Representative


Mark Williams, Southwest Area Representative


Shaida Libhart, Legislative Affairs Representative


Scott Bressler, Legislative Committee Co-Chair


Lauren Platman, Student Representative


Renae Stavros, Great Places Committee Chair


Roshana Floyd, Healthy Communities Committee Co-Chair


Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

Guests: See list below

1. Welcome & Introductions – Joni Marsh, President
Joni welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for taking time to join. She then reviewed the agenda and started the presentations.
a. 2022 Chapter Board
b. Outgoing Board Members
c. Vacant Board Positions
2. Presidential Address – Joni Marsh, AICP, President
Joni introduced herself.
a. 2022-26 Development Plan and 2022 Action Plan
Joni presented the adopted plan and summarized the process and thoughts behind it.
3. Introductory Address – Maureen Paz de Araujo, FAICP CTP CEP, President Elect
Maureen introduced herself, summarized her work with the Chapter and plans for 2022.
4. 2021 Financial Report – Josh Olhava, AICP, Treasurer
Josh reviewed the Income and Expenses for and financial highlights for 2021.
5. Legislative Committee Report – Shaida Libhart, AICP, Legislative Affairs Representative and Scott Bressler, AICP, Legislative Committee Representative (Co-Chairs)
Shaida noted when the Committee meets and what happens at the meetings. She then discussed the legislative process and importance of the Chapter’s legislative liaison and member participation. She also presented the 2021 Legislative Priorities.
6. VP Reports & Special Representatives
a. VP External Affairs – Julia Puester, AICP
b. VP Communications – Mike Tylka, AICP
c. Planning Faculty Representative – Manish Shirgaokar, PhD AICP
Julia, Mike and Jennifer Woods, on behalf of Manish, presented highlights from 2021 and plans for 2022.
7. Area Representative Reports
a. Central Mountain Area – Mark Truckey
b. Denver Metro Area – Britt Palmberg and Tareq Wafaie
c. North Central Area – Leslie Ellis
d. Northwest Area – Ethan Mobley
Mark Tl, Britt, Tareq, Leslie and Ethan all discussed plans for 2022. Mark T. discussed his housing tour in fall 2021 while Britt and Tareq talked about the bike tour in 2022. Not presenting were the Katelynn Wintz, South Centra Area Representative and Mark Williams, Southwest Area Representative.
8. Committees
a. APAS – Laure Platman, Student Representative and Sara Kohles, APAS President
b. Awards Committee – Daniel Murray & Julia Puester, Co-Chairs
c. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee – Ignacio Correa-Ortiz & Hadley Peterson, Co-Chairs
d. FAICP Advisory Committee – Maureen Paz de Araujo, Representative
e. Great Places in Colorado – Renae Stavros, Chair
f. Healthy Communities Committee – Bradyn Nichols & Liz Young Winne, Co-Chairs
g. Membership Committee – Maureen Paz de Araujo, Chair
h. Outreach & Communications Committee – Mike Tylka & Julia Puester, Co-Chairs
i. Professional Development Officer & Professional Development Committee – Erin Fosdick, Chair
i. Sustainability Committee – Conor Merrigan and Karl Barton, Co-Chairs
The Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs presented their plans for 2022 and highlights from 2021. Not presenting were the Emerging Planning Professionals and Youth in Planning Committees.
9. Adoption of 2021 Annual Report – Joni Marsh, President
Joni summarized the presentations by the Board members, noting that they were all a summary of the 2021 Annual Report. She said the Annual Report is forwarded to APA as part of the Chapter Presidents Council reporting criteria. She asked if there were any questions or comments and hearing none, she asked for a motion to adopt.
Motion by Mark T. to adopt the 2021 Annual Report as presented.
Second by Shaida
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous
10. Other Business - none
11. Adjournment
Motion to adjourn by Josh at 4:21 p.m.
Second by Julia
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous
Presentation: The presentation slides have been included and incorporated as part of the official minutes.
Guest Attendees:
Jena Skinner
Sara Kohles
Chris Nazar
Libby Tart
James Shockey
Christy Wiseman
Lia Yakum
Kris Valdez
Michelle Stephens
MARCH 4, 2021


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