Board Minutes: January 7 2022

The meeting began at 9:02 a.m.


Roll call:




Joni Marsh, President

Vacant, Public Official Representative

Maureen Paz de Araujo, President Elect

Vacant, Allied Professional Representative | Western Planner

Josh Olhava, Treasurer

Vacant, EPP Representative

Mike Tylka, VP of Communications

Katelynn Wintz, South Central Representative

Julia Puester, VP External Affairs

Ethan Mobley, Northwest Area Representative

Erin Fosdick, Professional Development Officer

Mark Williams, Southwest Area Representative

Britt Palmberg, Metro Area Representative

Jennifer Woods, EDI Committee

Tareq Wafaie, Metro Representative

Renae Stavros, Great Places Committee

Mark Truckey, Central Mountain Area Rep

Wade Broad, YIP Committee Representative

Leslie Ellis, North Central Representative

Conor Merrigan, Sustainability Committee

Manish Shirgaokar, Faculty Representative

Jennifer Woods, EDI Committee

Shaida Libhart, Legislative Affairs Representative


Scott Bressler, Legislative Committee


Lauren Platman, Student Representative


Roshana Floyd, Healthy Communities Committee


Liz Young Winne, Healthy Communities Committee


Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator


1. Opening Remarks – Joni Marsh, President

Joni welcomed everyone and thanked them for being prompt and noted it would be a short meeting if possible.

2. Consent Agenda:

a. Minutes December 10, 2021 – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
b. December Financial Report – Josh Olhava, Treasurer

Joni introduced the consent agenda and asked for any comments or questions. Hearing none she asked for a motion:

Motion by Erin to approve the consent agenda.
Second by Mark T.
Discussion: none
Vote: Unanimous

3. Chapter Administrator Report – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator

a. 2022 Town Hall
Shelia said the Town Hall & Annual Meeting will be held virtually on February 9, 2022, from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. Each Board member will be presenting the annual report section specific to his/her Board office. A slide template will be distributed the week of January 17th and slides will be due January 28th. Each Board officer will do his/her own presentation, limited to 1-3 minutes. For the new Board members, they will present the report for their predecessor if one wasn’t submitted, then they can talk about plans for 2022. Manish noted he would not be available but will have the EDI Committee Co-Chair present and Erin volunteered to present his Faculty Representative report.

b. 2021 Annual Report
Shelia said the report was moving along until she noticed that she had set the document size wrong and was now redoing it. The goal is to have a draft for the Board in the next few weeks and to present and adopt it at the February 9th meeting.

c. CPC 2021 Review
Shelia said she finally received the Vail invoice in mid-December and requested adjustments, then paid it on December 31st. She said the invoice included $20,679.21 for AV, $31,008.99 for food and beverage and $6,601.28 for the Thursday night reception. Discounts included the 10% reduction on listed food and beverage prices, 10% in room revenue back to the master account, 1:35 room night rebate and a 2% reduction in the current service charge which resulted in a savings of about $6,000-$8,000. Both conferences netted an income of over $30,000 which did not include sponsorships.

d. Website Migration
Shelia noted that besides having a few volunteers, the website migration has stalled. She said she would like to hire an intern using the Intern line item of $1000 to assist with the migration so that it can be completed this year. She said she would also be asking each Board Officer and Committee to complete the update to their office web page in a timeline manner so as not to prolong the migration any longer.

e. Small Town Taskforce Update
Shelia said that unfortunately, no student chose the Capstone proposal for the STTF which puts this effort on hold for a while longer. UD Denver said we could resubmit the Capstone for the fall or hire someone. At this time, she said she would wait to see how much funding is left in the Intern line item after the website is completed.

f. Planning Commissioner Training Update
Like the previous item, Shelia said this one has stalled but she plans to continue to work with the Professional Development Committee to get things moving along again. The goal is to identify topics, experts, and information formatting so cities and counties can access the information for training.

Joni then asked everyone to introduce themselves since there were several new board members.

4. Old Business

a. Adoption of the 2022-26 Development Plan and 2022 Action Plan – Joni Marsh, President and Maureen Paz de Araujo, President Elect
Joni presented the draft document to the Board. She reviewed the process and how we got to the draft. Josh made suggested wording changes to A-16 and A-19. Josh then asked if we would get updates from those who are assigned to be the LEAD. Joni said was the overall goal, to drive activity and participation, so asking for updates would be a way to help guide the conversation. Joni said the Board could review throughout the year to see how implementation is going and if it needs to be modified. Erin said she liked the organization of the document. Joni asked if there were any more comments, and hearing none asked for a motion to approve. The document will be forwarded to APA National as part of the CPC Chapter Criteria reporting.

Motion by Manish to approve and adopt the 2022-26 Development Plan and 2022 Action Plan as presented.
Second by Lesli
Discussion: None
Vote: Unanimous

b. Bylaws Update – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Shelia noted that based on the previous discussions at Board meetings, the general consensus is to move forward with amending the Chapter Bylaws to create an Executive Board. She said that unfortunately she was not able to find the original language drafted back in 2018 so she will start from scratch. She then summarized the proposal. The Executive Board/Committee would be made up of seven (7) members including: President; President Elect or Past President (whichever is a Board officer at the time); Treasurer; Vice President External Affairs; Vice President Communications; Vice President Legislative Affairs; and Professional Development Officer. The duties of this board/committee would be to: 1) adopt and disseminate Chapter Policy when the timely adoption of such policy is in the best interest of the Chapter and when the Board/Council cannot meet or obtain a quorum at a meeting; 2) To assist the President by providing counsel on APA issues and policy; 3) To take action to remove a sitting Board member for malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance or lack of performance according to these established By-laws, duties, or responsibilities; and, 4) To assist the President in the selection of a Chapter Administrator or any other paid staff. The Chapter Board would consist of the seven members of the executive committee and, Area Representatives, Appointed Voting Representatives, Appointed Non-Voting Representatives, Committee Representatives/Chairs (Awards, EDI, EPP*, Great Places, Healthy Communities, Legislative*, Membership, Outreach & Communications, PIC*, Professional Development*, Sustainability and Youth in Planning) and the PIC Board President. The Chapter Administrator will serve as the facilitator for both boards.

Tareq inquired about the timing of the meetings and Shelia responded that hadn’t been set yet, but she assumed the executive committee would meet monthly to take care of chapter business and the chapter board would meet bi-monthly or quarterly as needed. The consensus was to move forward with the changes. Shelia said she would draft the language and present at a later meeting. She then reviewed the timing of approvals.

5. New Business

a. Wildfire Response – Maureen Paz de Araujo, President Elect
Maureen said she had been researching ways to assist and that Summer Frederick with Boulder County had offered some suggested resources. Shelia discussed the fire sifting, rapid response building, and Maureen talked about her experience with the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires. She said that help with erosion and flooding were important in both of those. Lesli asked if we know if any members were affected and yet and Joni acknowledged that she knew of a few. She noted that the City and County of Broomfield have sent staff to assist in the planning departments. The Board inquired if the Chapter has historically given financial contributions to other organizations and Shelia said yes. They then inquired if a matching donation challenge could be implemented with members and other allied groups. Joni said she hadn’t considered a financial contribution, but it was a possibility. The Board suggested placing social media posts on website and do a call to action for the members. The Outreach and Communication Committee will head up the effort to identify ways to help and research areas where the Chapter and members might donate money and time. Mark T. said he liked the matching contribution to leverage our dollars and Josh noted that the Chapter does have some financial resources. Tareq said the messaging is important and that should be relevant to the APA Colorado community. Joni suggested a smaller group of Board members to work with OCC to fine tune the messaging. Maureen, Josh, Joni, Tareq, Mike and Lesli agreed to assist.

b. 2021 Year End Financials – Josh Olhava, Treasurer and Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Josh summarized the yearend report and said the Chapter had a good year in 2021 and the conference committee watched the conference budget closely. He said the net income for 2021 was $24,653.96 and the Chapter ended with total assets of $128,048.82 which was $25,654.17 more than 2020. He reminded everyone that the Board was very conservative in setting the 2021 budget because we weren’t sure of the Covid impacts, but things turned out well. He then hit on some of the highlights and the fact that we need to do better with sponsorships. He encouraged everyone to get more events planned in 2022 and to be “out there” more utilizing resources for our members. Josh asked if there were any questions. Hearing none, Joni asked for a motion to approve.

Motion by Tareq to approve the 2021 Year End Financial Report as presented.
Second by Lesli
Discussion: none
Vote: Unanimous

c. Appointment of 2022 Planning Institute of Colorado Board – Joni Marsh, President
Shelia said that the APA Colorado Board appoints members to the PIC Board annually. The PIC Board is comprised of five members of the APA Colorado Board including the PDO and Treasurer who are automatic appointments. The other three positions are open to any Chapter Board member. Joni said that Maureen has agreed to stay in her position, but the Board needs to appoint two people to replace Michelle and Susan.

Maureen reviewed the history of PIC and the goals for the past few years to overhaul the courses. She said the PIC Board would like to take the courses to the next level like something with DRCOG’s citizen academy. Britt volunteered and Mike asked about the process to update courses and which ones were left then volunteered to join.

Motion by Erin to approve the 2022 appointment of Maureen, Josh, Erin Britt and Mike to the PIC Board.
Second by Josh
Discussion: none
Vote: Unanimous

d. Formation of 2022 Nomination Committee – Shelia Booth, Chapter Administrator
Shelia reviewed the request and the timeline for the Committee. After, Tareq and Lesli each volunteered to serve. Shelia said Morgan Hester had volunteered to serve as the committee member who had not previously been on the Chapter Board.

Motion by Maureen to appoint Tareq, Lesli and Morgan.
Second by Erin
Discussion: none
Vote: Unanimous

6. Board Member Updates - None

7. Committee Updates
a. Healthy Communities Committee: Liz Young Winne and Roshana Floyd, Committee Co-Chairs
Liz said that during the review of the mission they noted it was outdated, too specific and didn’t align with what they are focusing on. They revised the new statement and are seeking Board approval to adopt into the Committee’s Charter. Maureen asked her to highlight the changes. Liz reviewed the changes and said the mission statement was broadened to be more inclusive of what they are doing instead of being so specific.

Motion by Tareq to approve the revised mission statement and updated Committee Charter
Second by Erin
Discussion: none
Vote: Unanimous

Liz then discussed the UC Denver capstone student who will be taking over The Colorado Code project. She said the Committee is also gearing up to do their annual prioritization survey.

8. Adjourn

Motion by Josh to adjourn at 10:23 AM
Second by Manish
Discussion: none
Vote Unanimous

Chat Box Comments
Erin Fosdick 9:09 AM
Shelia, I have a number of website updates for you. I will send those, but if you'd prefer to wait and incorporate into the larger update that would probably work too.

MS 9:23 AM
Mike, we'd love to advertise the positions if they are appropriate for new graduates. I'm happy to link you to our career development staff person at the College.

Erin Fosdick9:27 AM
@Roshana - where in NM were you based? I grew up in ABQ and went to school in Las Cruces!

Erin Fosdick9:29 AM
@Lauren, we'd love to have someone from your student chapter participate in the PDC and offer student perspectives. Let me know if you'd be interested in talking more.

Lauren Platman9:31 AM
Definitely! We can coordinate a call. There is a specific board member who is organizing the firm tours and would likely be interested.

Erin Fosdick9:32 AM
Great, Lauren. I will send you an email!

Julia Puester9:53 AM
Sheila- Let me know if you want me to reach out to Jenna for help on socials.

Liz Young Winne - CDPHE9:55 AM
As a committee, we're more than willing to support an effort that is created by APA CO and share those avenues with our members to contribute funds, donated items, and/or volunteer time. Great ideas, everyone.

Tareq Wafaie10:00 AM
The messaging will be key with the donation, so we aren't starting a precedent for every hazard event.

Erin Fosdick10:01 AM
I would say we look at $5,000, which would yield a $10,000 monetary donation from the Chapter (or more depending on what members contribute). I don't think we want to do our whole reserve especially since there could be other events we help with

Julia Puester10:03 AM
I have a meeting at 10 as well. Happy to help Mike as well

March 4, 2022


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