WEBINAR: Historic Urban Landscape Framework and Historic Preservation

11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Hosted by Urban Design & Preservation Division

Preservation of urban heritage can provide a city’s competitive edge, unique identity, and generate significant economic returns. But often cities struggle to find a balance between protection of urban heritage, economic development, functionality, and livability of a city. In 2011, the UNESCO General Conference adopted the Historic Urban Landscape approach for the management of historic cities. The HUL protocol recognizes that cities, like natural landscapes, are never in stasis. Cities grow, sometimes shrink, and change and evolve in multiple ways. The HUL approach shifts emphasis from monumental architecture to the conservation of urban values that defined by a city’s tangible and intangible qualities. PlaceEconomics and our sister company Heritage Strategies International have been using the HUL approach to frame our policy and incentive recommendations in the U.S. and abroad. This session will feature pre-recorded presentations from international experts on the Historic Urban Landscape approach, describing the development, use, and implementation of the protocol in cities around the world. PlaceEconomics will detail how the HUL approach could be successful in the U.S. and share examples of our policy recommendations that incorporate this international protocol.




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