APA Colorado also has a number of committees that allow members to get involved in more specific aspects of planning in Colorado. The committees are described below, click on the link for additional background and contact information.

  • American Planning Association for Students (APAS Colorado Student Chapter) – APAS is the student chapter of APA Colorado affiliated with the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Colorado, Denver.
  • Awards Committee – The Awards Committee works to recognize outstanding projects, plans, and people in the Colorado planning field.
  • Citizen Advisory Committee/Taskforce - This committee is just getting started. The CAC will address the needs of our public officals and citizens who are not professional planners, but want to be involved in the planning and building of their community.
  • Diversity Committee - APA Colorado is striving to celebrate the diversity of our membership. This committee is not yet formed, but is in the planning process. An APA Colorado member has stepped up to the plate to get things moving forward. Look for more information about this committee in late 2018, early 2019.
  • Emerging Planning Professionals (EPP) – EPP works to connect planners in the beginning stages of their career .
  • Healthy Communities Committee- A newly established committee formed to help oversee the submittal or grant applications for APA's program. The committee will be moving into other healthy community and planning avenues. Check back as this committee's website is developed.
  • Legislative Committee – The Legislative Committee meets regularly during the legislative session (January – May) and occasionally during the rest of the year to discuss and take positions on planning-related bills, working with our lobbyist to advance good planning in the Colorado. This committee also works with lobbyists and legislators to testify on bills during the hearing process at the Capitol as well as to develop language for new bills.
  • Local Host Committee - This committee is established annualy to help coordinate and plan the annual conference. Membership is voluntary and requested of those who live in that year's conference town and surrounding areas.
  • Membership Committee - Formed in 2018 to decipher the results of the 2018 membership survey, this committee is comprised of both Board and non Board members. The commitee will help the Board and Chapter set the correct goals based on membership priorities and needs.
  • Nominating Committee - Per the Chapter Bylaws, this committee is appointed by the Chapter President each year, typically in January/February, to solicit and recruit candidates for open Board seats. The committee is comprised of at least four members with at least one person being a member of the Board and one being a member who has not previously served on the Board.
  • Outreach and Communication Committee – The O & C Committee acts on behalf of APA Colorado to communicate with our statewide membership to share news, activities, events, and other information related to APA Colorado.
  • Professional Development Committee – The Professional Development Committee works to support the ongoing professional education of planners in Colorado through organizing or certifying events that further knowledge of good planning practices.
  • Sustainability Committee – The Sustainability Committee helps planners understand and address sustainability issues through planning including urban agriculture, community food assessments, and planning for healthy communities.
  • Youth In Planning - The Youth in Planning Committee was established in 2016 as a group of planners charged to develope programs and tools to assist APA Colorado in educating our youth on the importance of planning.

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American Planning Association for Students (APAS) Committee

APAS Committee Mission Statement:

Healthy Communities Committee">

Welcome to the Healthy Communities Committee! Health is impacted by where we live, work, learn and play. We seek to influence policy areas that will contribute to the overall health of Colorado and we act as a clearinghouse for best practices in healthy community initiatives. Other strategies we evoke to help create healthy communities include:

Youth in Planning Committee

The Youth in Planning Committee was established in 2016 as a group of planners charged to develop programs and tools to assist APA Colorado in educating our youth on the importance of planning. The Committee is currently developing a curriculum that can be taken into classrooms Kindergarten through 12th grade that meets the states minimum standards. The committee also partners with other organizations to host urban planning education events throughout the state. 

We would  love to have you join us. 

Outreach and Communication Committee

What we Do:
We are a committee with many subcommittees who focus on tasks such as publication material, update and manage the Chapter website, edit and publish the quarterly newsletter, Planning Matters, develop relationships with allied professionals, and educate the general public on what we do as planners.

Mission: To serve as ambassadors for the planning profession by improving the visibility, understanding, and appreciation of the planning profession through education outreach, and facilitating collaboration.

Awards Committee

Committee Purpose/Mission/Vision: • To celebrate excellence in Colorado planning achievement Bylaws: 9.2 SPECIAL COMMITTEES. The President may establish any number of other committees necessary to further the purposes, programs, and objectives of the Chapter. The President has the authority to appoint and remove chairpersons and committee members. Effective July 1, 2012, such appointments shall be for a term of one year and may be renewed. Such special committees may include, but are not limited to the following: 1. Nominating Committee (see Article 12). 2. Conference Planning Committee.

Professional Development Committee">

Committee Opportunities (where help/support from the membership is needed)

Legislative Committee

NEXT MEETING: June 11, 2021 12:00 - 1:00 PM

This year’s legislative session promises to be interesting and full of work for us to ensure APA Colorado’s interests, priorities, and generally good planning are represented. We will be meeting every other Friday from 12 – 1pm throughout the session.

Mark your calendars! We will be meeting every other Friday from 12:00pm – 1:00pm. We will be meeting virtually through the link provided below. You can also call in if you’d like.

Emerging Planning Professionals

Welcome to the Emerging Planning Professionals Committee of the American Planning Association-Colorado Chapter. This Committee strives to be a resource for entry to mid level planners. Our goals are to connect emerging planners to each other and more experienced planners, provide professional development opportunities, encourage outreach and service in community and showcase the awesomeness of Colorado’s emerging planners!

Learn more about how we are reaching our four goals:

Sustainability Committee">


The mission of the APA Colorado Sustainability Committee is to promote the integration of sustainability principles into planning policy and practice through relevant education and outreach.



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