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APA Colorado
5 Year Development Plan & Annual Action Program

The Development Plan of the Colorado Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA Colorado) includes overarching goals, general strategies and specific action items to guide and direct the Chapter toward fulfillment of the organizational mission and vision. The Chapter's 5-Year Development Plan is supplemented with annual strategic action items identified in the Action Program.

The Development Plan is prepared by the President and/or President-Elect, in conjunction with the APA Colorado Board, to provide the framework priorities and initiatives defined by the incoming President. The Plan is adopted by the Board annually, and takes effect for a identified period beginning January 1st.

The 2016-2021 Development Plan includes these overarching Goals to Lead, Communicate & Engage, Partern, Advocate, Inspire and Serve:

To view the 2016-2021 5-Year Development Plan with Strategies, CLICK HERE

To view the 2019-2020 Focused Development Plan and Action Program, CLICK HERE.

2019-20 Focused Development Plan & Action Program (pdf)

The Focused Development Plan and Action Program items below provide guidance to the Board, Committees, volunteers, and members of APA Colorado. Progress towards the completion of Development Plan and Action Program items is included in APA Colorado’s Annual Report.

2019 – 2020 APA Colorado Focused Development Plan

  • Development Plan DP-1: Improve the effectiveness of the Chapter's tools (website, email, newsletter, etc.).
  • Development Plan DP-2: Develop a volunteer portal on webpage that lists all volunteer opportunities, committees, task forces, and etc.
  • Development Plan DP-3: Create a database of volunteers and their interests that is available as a Chapter resource to best match potential volunteers with Chapter activities.
  • Development Plan DP-4: Implement the Chapter’s strategic communications plan.
  • Development Plan DP-5: Develop a Citizen Planner Program in coordination with PIC, DRCOG, and other Public Officials trainings (i.e. DOLA).
  • Development Plan DP-6: Continue to participate and support the development of the Colorado Health Collaborative.
  • Development Plan DP-7: Develop a comprehensive membership strategy, inclusive of a 5-year financial strategy that provides for the long-term maintenance and growth of the Chapter.

2020 APA Colorado Action Program

  • Action A-1: Continue to track and raise awareness for legislative trends and bills that are important to our communities and constituents through the preparation and distribution of a monthly (or more frequent) summary of legislative issues. Lead: Legislative Committee Chair

  • Action A-2: Proactively research, track, and engage members on future trends and big ideas impacting planning and integrate ideas and actions into chapter activities, including communications and education, in order to poise planners to be adaptive to changing conditions.  Lead: Area Representatives in coordination

  • Action A-3: Continue support and engagement with the Symposium for Sustainable Infrastructure (SSI) / City we Want, which may include event organization and leadership. Lead: President and Sustainability Committee Co-Chairs

  • Action A-4: Promote local government sustainability initiatives to support State clean air and greenhouse gas reduction goals and implementation of HB19-1261 (Note: HB19-1261 establishes statewide carbon pollution targets (at least 26% reduction by 2025, at least 50% by 2030, and at least 90% by 2050) and directs the Air Quality Control Commission to adopt new rules for achieving these targets.) Lead: Sustainability Committee Co-Chairs

  • Action A-5: Enhance, market and update the Planning Institute of Colorado (PIC) program and materials. Lead: PIC Board

  • Action A-6: Provide an introduction about the Colorado Chapter of the American Planning Association to all Colorado media outlets in order to raise awareness of the planning profession and to elevate the Chapter and its members as a resource for media outreach and input. Lead: VP Communications

  • Action A-7: Develop an "Involvement Plan" that acts as a how-to guide on how to get/stay involved with APA CO, including lists of activities, committees, and etc. Lead: Membership Committee

  • Action A-8: Hire a Social Media Coordinator/Manager. Lead: VP External Affairs and/or Communications Committee.

  • Action A-9: Propose and promote water and land use legislation in 2020 that supports implementation of the State Water Plan. Lead: Legislative Committee Chair

  • Action A-10: Grow and fully establish the Diversity Committee. Lead: President and VP Communications

  • Action A-11: Support and sponsor Colorado Pride events. Lead: EPP Representative and Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Committee Chair

  • Action A-12: Provide education and outreach on the need for equitable communities and what it means to plan with an equity lens. Lead: Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Committee Chair

  • Activity A-13: Support the Youth in Planning Committee and the Chapter Request for Proposal for K-12 Planning curriculum development. Lead: President and Youth in Planning Chair

  • Activity A-14: Co-Host a Planning Youth Summit. Lead: Youth in Planning Chair

  • Action A-15: Finalize a Chapter Succession Manual / Handbook that includes details on roles and responsibilities of Board Members and staff, as well as Committee Charters complete with committee organization/governance, mission, and annual action plans. Lead: President

  • Action A-16: Perform a financial health assessment / audit of Chapter resources and receive financial advice on investment or other strategies available to grow the Chapter’s resources. Lead: President-Elect


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